Netflix’s Insiders Season 1 Review: A Reality TV Show Like No Other

Netflix’s first reality TV show produced in Spain, Insiders aims at telling unfiltered and real experiences of its contestants as they are unaware of themselves being filmed throughout the process. Hosted by Money Heist star Najwa Nimri, the show is filmed entirely based on hidden cameras. Scandalous and provocative, the series is created by Jose Velasco and Equipo Creativo Izen and directed by award winning director Mamen Fernandez.

The series is episode long, each episode ranging from somewhere 45 minutes to one hour. This is presumably the first season of this reality TV show. Subtitles and audio for this show is available both in European Spanish as well as English for global consumption.

– Netflix’s Insiders Review contains mild spoilers –

Insiders Season 1: “It will be a Jungle”

The revolves around 12 ordinary people who think they are in the final round of selection for a reality TV show where they are trying to adapt to the house they will live in: a training process. However, what they don’t know is they are being recorded in unguarded surroundings from the first day as the show has already begun. The first episode begins with host Najwa Nimri giving us all the technical spoilers starting from the blueprint of the house to the knowledge of more than 68 cameras and 200 hidden microphones being installed in the house the contestants are living in.

The show introduces us to their contestants: Estefania, Laura, Barbara, Nicole, Olaya, Cinthia, Fran, Hugo, Peter, Fama, Ivan Molina and Ivan Miguez who describe themselves in a certain positive and natural light, which through the course of the show comes undone making us realize how there is always a change in behaviour when you know you are being recorded versus when you aren’t being recorded.

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The contestants who are all aiming to win also go through a phase to become the ideal pick through a data analyzer that measures them in terms of assertiveness, activeness, perseverance, meticulousness, reactivity, sensitivity, empathy, collaboration, social desirability and vulnerability. But later on, we find out how the data analyzer software too is hoax and all the readings are manipulated by the show creators.

As the episodes go on, contestants start to get eliminated one by one, some of them real and some fake until it comes down to the final four in the finale. Manipulation, strategies and some fallen trusts lie in the way as we meet the one winner to takes away the award money of 100,000 euros.

Insiders Season 1: Stream It or Skip It?

Recording 12 people without them realizing is one hell of a challenge that Insiders pulls off with the composure of a serene cat. Like any other show, this one too offers us a platter of human beings at their most vulnerable, few making the most strategic decisions and few crumbling under the pressure of being a desired, good person.

When it comes to if you should stream the show or not, it is a greenlight on ‘stream it’ if you are a fan of reality TV. However, even if you aren’t this show would be a difficult miss, especially with that impressive hosting by our Money Heist star Najwa Nimri.

You can watch the reality TV show Insiders, now streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's new reality TV show based in Spain is titled 'Insiders' and is a pretty scandalous call.


  1. Nice review! For me the weakest point is the supposed truth of the “eye detector”, but overall is a nice experiment on how humans act when they are presented with bits of information, versus living together (for example, they don’t show no one from the same group condemning the actions that happens with the other members). We never know what is real or not, but is enjoyable. The editing is sometimes nice, mixing scenes from the same couple in the two houses, but is not so good as in Too Hot to Handle…

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Netflix's new reality TV show based in Spain is titled 'Insiders' and is a pretty scandalous call.Netflix's Insiders Season 1 Review: A Reality TV Show Like No Other