Netflix’s Inside Job Season 1 Review: Entertaining But Over Energetic

Inside Job is Netflix’s first in-house adult animation series produced by Netflix Animation. The show is created by Shion Takeuchi with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch serving as the executive producer. The series follows the journey of a tech genius and her partner to manage the entire world’s conspiracy theories with a set of dysfunctional co-workers at her tow. Inside Job seems to be grandly inspired by pieces like The X-Files from the 90s and the tabloid Weekly World News.

The series is ten episodes long each with a runtime ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. The animated characters are voiced by Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley, Christian Slater as Rand Ridley, Clark Duke as Brett Hand, Andrew Daly as J.R. Scheimpough, Bobby Lee as Dr. Andre, John DiMaggio as Glenn Dolphman, Tisha Campbell as Gigi Thompson and Brett Gelman as Magic Myc.

– Netflix’s Inside Job Season 1 Review does not contain spoilers –

Inside Job Season 1: Conspiracy Theories On The Rise

Are conspiracy theories real? Did the ‘Moon-landing’ actually happen? What is the truth behind 9/11? Well, reading conspiracy theories are an acquired taste and if you are someone who cultivates this taste, this series is definitely for you. Inside Job Season 1 revolves around the work culture at Cognito Inc. which is the shadow government organization dedicated to weaving the thread that every conspiracy theory is real.

The genius daughter of the co-founder of Cognito Inc., Reagan Ridley is responsible for firing up all of the work done under the company’s banner. However, the usual workspace banter of her lacking social skills leads her to get a partner- a Human Golden Retriever, who is not Mr Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman but lends enough humour to come close. To add more to the workspace comedy there’s also a clairvoyant mushroom, Brett and a human-dolphin hybrid, Glenn alongside and many more.

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With a sitcom style approach, the series progresses with impeccably outlined character development and bizarre conspiracy theories that will make you laugh, cringe and think at the same time. However, even with nods towards various acclaimed shows like Rick and Morty, it fails to register a sense of remarkability and can be passed off as nothing more than another office comedy. The energy the show exuberates gets over the top and there are way too many times when the central character’s issues are just another case of ‘Oedipus Complex’.

Yet with all its shortcomings, Inside Job weirdly does a good job leaving the door open for a season two to be greenlit. Well, the news is Netflix has already ordered 20 episodes of this series anyway. Maybe the second season will reduce the chaotic aspect of the show and help us understand the apparently limitless power of Cognito Inc., and focus less on Reagan’s “daddy issues”.

Inside Job Season 1: Final Verdict

Overall, Inside Job Season 1 pulls you into the world of secrets that might or might not be true with entertaining characters and pop-culture references that might make you cringe but also make the show more grounded. Meanwhile, the series also seems all over the place at times and might want to make you skip it too, wishing creator Hirsch brought more Gravity Falls-like stability to the show.

You can now stream Inside Job Season 1 on Netflix.

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The first adult animation show by Netflix Animation- Inside Job is both a hit and a miss.

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The first adult animation show by Netflix Animation- Inside Job is both a hit and a miss.Netflix's Inside Job Season 1 Review: Entertaining But Over Energetic