Netflix’s In For A Murder Review: A Straightforward Take On Murder Mystery

Directed by Piotr Mularuk, In for a Murder, also called W Jak Morderstwo, is a 2021 Polish mystery drama streaming on Netflix. It revolves around a murder that takes place in a small town in Poland and Magda, a resident in the neighbourhood takes it upon her to investigate the case and solve the murder. However, when the case draws back to some past incidents, the events that follow seem to get complicated.

The cast includes Anna Smolowik, Dorota Segda, Emma Giegzno, Jacek Knap, Olga Sarzynska, Pawel Domagala, Piotr Adamczyk, Przemyslaw Stippa, Rafal Królikowski and Szymon Bobrowski. The runtime for the film is a little less than 2 hours and audio as well as subtitles are available both in English and Polish.

– Netflix’s In For A Murder Review does not contain spoilers –

In for a Murder: A Neighbourhood’s New Nancy Drew

Madga, who is the protagonist of our story seems to be the reincarnation of Amelie from the 2001 French classic but, instead of being a curious cat in a romantic comedy, she is placed in a crime drama that slowly comes undone. A stay-at-home mom with an appreciative husband and avid reader of mystery and crime novels, Magda is the Nancy Drew if Agatha Christie had written it. From profiling to having a keen eye for evidence, our heroine can do it all. But, what if the central murder of the story links back to trauma from the past?

Set in Poland, a low-key, sleepy town of Podkowa Lesna, near Warsaw seems to be buzzing after a not so friendly neighbourhood murder. Madga, who is the first to discover the body is immediately invested in the case and soon links the victim to her long lost friend Weronika, who had run away from the town years ago without notice through a W-shaped gold pendant. Even though the case is being officially investigated by Inspector Sikora, Magda steps in her detective shoes to find the root of it all.

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As the story progresses, some big names from the world of business and the senate come forward making the case tense as well as sensational. Secrets from the past surface and shocking discoveries are made as Magda embarks on her case with the help of Inspector Sikora. Along with solving the murder mystery, the film also delivers some comic elements which aren’t always delightful and rather dips at odd times. However, Magda’s ‘Pink Panther’ theme song as ringtone surely will get to the audience every time it rings.

The story also gives a subplot to Magda’s romantic interests- a husband who is distant and cold, the Inspector who has been harbouring an old love and the newfound romantic air in a doctor’s breath. By the end, it is liberating to see Magda finally make a feminist decision for herself.

In for a Murder: Final Verdict

As the murder mystery thrives, it keeps you engaged by focusing more on the central theme and less on the distractions, something not all movies and shows nowadays are capable of. A straightforward take on the genre, with twists and revelations at the end that make you scream- ‘I knew it!’, In for a Murder is a good watch for boring days.

You can watch the Polish murder mystery In for a Murder aka W Jak Morderstwo now on Netflix.

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In for a Murder impresses the audience with a straightforward and successful take on the genre of Murder Mystery.


  1. Interesting review. However, I feel you missed the obvious homage to Hitchcock’s film. The theme music is more than a little reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann who was Hitchcock’s fav composer. The theme is very close to the Vertigo soundtrack. The film’s overall use of a fake medium is from The Family Plot, the car scenes where she follows the police detective and the walking in the wooded laneway are from Vertigo, the overall colour pallette and fashion are similar to the 1950-60 on screen colours for North by Northwest, Vertigo and Rear Window. The use of humour is also similar to The Trouble with Harry.
    Overall this Polish film is a good salute to a great suspense master. I wanted to rewatch all of “Hitch’s” films. In that way the director was successful.

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