Netflix’s I Am All Girls Review: A Dark World

I Am All Girls is a psychological thriller currently streaming on Netflix and is directed by Donovan Marsh. The movie is for 1 hour 47 minutes based on a true story about Gert van Rooyen, though the script has been changed as per necessity.

I Am All Girls
Netflix's I Am All Girls Review: A Dark World 3

The movie shows a South African child trafficking case where 6 girls went missing and never came back in the 90s. Here the name has been changed to Gert de Jager, and the plot has been transformed as per entertainment base. But, the audience will feel attached to the story from the very beginning.

Jodie Snyman (played by Erica Wessels) is a special crimes investigator who takes up the case and starts investigating on a hunch. She picks up the dots based on a series of murders and believes there’s a big child trafficking racket going on. The movie shows the same-old story of some exhausted, traumatised investigator who works hard to join the links to get to the bottom of the case, but her boss gets in the middle to de-track her. At one point, her boss asks her to take a break and to seek psychiatric help.

Nevertheless, she never gives up. And, one day, she finds a man with a unique symbol on his chest, which she links to a child trafficking syndicate. Here, in the movie, the trafficker himself gives away the information to the police, but in the true story, the alleged trafficker commits suicide, and his son gives away the information to the cops.

While watching, I felt like I was Jodie, and it was my case to solve. And, I am sure you will feel so too. There’s a whole dark world out there that is hell-bent on destroying everything, and well, even though we know, we don’t really do anything about it. I Am All Girls has good amounts of psychological thrill, suspense, some heinous crimes and a lot more for the investigator and the audience to unleash. So, take up this journey with Jodie and try to rescue these girls.

Why should you watch it?

If you love the psychological crime thriller drama genre, then I Am All Girls movie your pick. It has all in one. The name of the movie holds the motive perfectly. What really happens in the racket has been portrayed by the director very well. There’s a very odd yet engaging music score that will give you the essence and eerieness of the plot. Erica has done great work in portraying Jodie in traumatic situations and emoting the passion for her job. Her acting skills deserve mention. There are other actors who did their part in the movie to make it watch-worthy. The film uncovers many truths about human nature and how a human mentality works.

It’s a good one time watch.

I Am All Girls
Netflix's I Am All Girls Review: A Dark World 4

I Am All Girls: Why you might skip it?

Well, I Am All Girl movie’s plot may occur very known to you. If I had to cite one good example, I would like to mention the Rani Mukherji-starrer Mardaani. I found some uncanny similarities between these two movies but other than the lacking plotline of the movie; it is a good watch. There are a few gritting scenes that will keep you glued to the screen.

I Am All Girls is now streaming on Netflix.

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I Am All Girls is an interesting psychological thriller that keeps you on your toes but does lack at certain places.

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