Netflix’s Human The World Within Review: Face the Reality Through Your Organs

Human The World Within is a PBS docu-series of six episodes that talks about the unique balancing act that we humans do. It is currently streaming on Netflix with a running time of 53 minutes each. Jad Abumrad narrates the whole documentary. Well, just a little tip, it might bore you to death but hey it’s educating!

The first episode is React. As the name suggests, the episode deals with the nervous system and how complex it is. Why and how do we react to situations, how our brain transmits information. Well, it’s all science and while watching it your brain might tell you to skip to something else!

Human the World WIthin
Netflix's Human The World Within Review: Face the Reality Through Your Organs 3

The second episode is Pulse which means it is related to the heart. How we generate oxygen for our cells, and how it pumps blood – it’s all high-school stuff, but in a more elaborate way. In this episode, there’s also a sequence where it’s shown how a pregnant lady in an emergency can require blood in a remote location. It could’ve been more beneficial had the narrative been more gripping, but Human: The World Within fails to keep us hooked.

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The third episode is Fuel which means food. Without food, our body can’t stay active after a while. Also, for those who follow any diet, this episode shows how there’s science behind your diet and how it can affect your health.

The fourth episode is Defend which means survival. This one is a bit more interesting because it shows how our body and the immune system gets adapted to adverse situations and produce antibodies to defend themselves from unknown viruses. Given the situation right now, you will learn a lot of things in this particular episode.

Sense is the fifth episode and this is probably the most entertaining one because the way it portrays the sensory organs deserves special mention. If you lose your sense you will be off-balance from reality.

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The sixth episode is Birth and in this episode, the series tries to cover the wide aspect of the pregnancy period and then the birth. It gives secrets of the womb, and it talks about a lot more of the process of natural birth and its various facets. However, the series fails to make me, a novice, understand how such complexities come into play.

To Sum it up: Human The World Within

Human The World Within is a very progressive step as a docu-series where it talks about such serious topics but also tries to make it a bit interesting. Although it’s important and tries to be informative, it’s not gripping or entertaining and thus your patience will wane after a while.

Human the World WIthin
Netflix's Human The World Within Review: Face the Reality Through Your Organs 4

But, the Human documentary has a lot of education to impart and will make you understand how the human race is a fascinating mechanism and it should be celebrated. After watching this documentary you may never think of our body as the same. It has its share of human drama yet it misses out on the engagement factor.

Human The World Within is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Human: The World WIthin is a docu-series that talks about human life mechanism.

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