Netflix’s How To Become A Tyrant Review: The Tyrant Playbook

How To Become A Tyrant premiered on 9th July 2021 on Netflix. The 6-episode long docuseries is narrated by Peter Dinklage. Executive produced by Dinklage, Jonas Bell Pasht, Jonah Bekhor, David Ginsberg and Jake Laufer, the historical series takes viewers into the regimen of notorious and iron-fisted dictators like Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, Muammar Gaddafi, and others across the globe. h

Iron Fisted Cruel Dictators

As times are changing, there has been a rise in documentaries/docuseries that analyse fascist regimen and leaders; social and political uprisings; civil rights movements, and more. Adding to its list of political docuseries, Netflix brings to its viewers How To Become A Tyrant. A 6-episode long docuseries, embedded with facts and comparison and animations to map out similar leadership patterns in dictatorships. We get details and patterns as seen in dictatorships of Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Moammar Khadafy and the Kim dynasty of North Korea.

The thing about How To Become A Tyrant is that you must have heard, seen, and studied about the atrocities of the rulers that the series takes into account somewhere or the other. There are very few names in the list here that might not be explicitly ‘popular.’ While the series is well-planned and chalked out and offers a good insight into the entire idea of growing as a tyrant and keeping that power, what the show lacks is its connection to contemporary times and leaders.

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Netflix's How To Become A Tyrant Review: The Tyrant Playbook 3

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Mankind is no stranger to dictatorship and fascist regimen in the 20th century too. Time and again, leaders have been catalysts of violence, cruelty, and suffering and it would have only made sense if How To Become A Tyrant would have connected the series to modern times too. The lack of connection to modern times is the only shortcoming the series suffers from, other than that, the docuseries with a hint of dark humour offers a good and knowledgeable time to its viewers.

Each episode in the series covers topics that can make ‘anybody’ a tyrant as the series suggests. Like how to crush your rivals, assert dominance, corrupt people, play on fears and ideologies, etc. It’s a good little informative package with little to no new information to offer. If there has to be a Season 2 of How To Become A Tyrant, I hope the series dives deeper into contemporary times rather than sticking to the past and offers real political observation and commentaries taking into account world leaders like Trump, Putin, and more.

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Stream It or Skip It

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Netflix's How To Become A Tyrant Review: The Tyrant Playbook 4

STREAM IT! While there isn’t much to talk about How To Become A Tyrant because everything about the series has been talked about in detail before, the series is still a good watch if you’re in a mood for a historical and political docuseries that isn’t too heavy on your head.

How To Become A Tyrant is streaming on Netflix.

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How To Become A Tyrant gives a history lesson we all know, but is still interesting nonetheless.


  1. “there has been a rise in documentaries/docuseries that analyse fascist regimen and leaders”

    You very purposefully left out communist regimes, didn’t you? Tannavi, you are a political hack and a joke.

  2. Democrats rated this low because it is an example of their very tactics.
    From start to finish, this series is about democrats/liberals.

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