Netflix’s Hello Me Episode 16 Recap: Bidding Adieu

Hello Me is a South Korean TV series starring Kim Young-kwang, Choi Kang-hee, Eum Moon-seok and Kim Yoo-mi. The series is based on the 2011 novel Fantastic Girl by Kim Hye-jung. Hello Me episode 16 is directed by Lee Hyeon-Suk.

Hello Me episode 16 recap

After long last, we bid adieu to Hello Me, with episode 16 airing last day. Although the first half of the series is nothing that can be called a “must-watch”, it jumped back relatively well in the second half and has been a delightful watch ever since. There were a few plot points that were interesting and made for a gripping watch. However, Hello Me episode 16 doesn’t really end the series off with too many bangs.

So, the major plot for Hello Me episode 16 is how will Scarlett go back to her timeline? One night she dreams of a day with her father in a field where they had gone out to take pictures. Scarlett and Ha-ni are convinced that it’s a clue but are unsure about its meaning or how it is connected to the former going back home.

When they do figure it out though, it’s actually quite blah. You’d think that the plot would be complicated or meaningful in some way. But the makers don’t really come out with a good explanation for it all. Additionally, the shaman’s weird words also don’t play into anything in any way. In this mess, Yu-hyeon tells the girls that he knows their father too and he helped a young Yu-hyeon find the latter’s father after his mother’s death. You’d also think that this would play into it somehow, but it doesn’t.

There is, however, a message of self-love in the series. With Hani’s younger self coming back to remind the older one that she has much to appreciate in her life and has the right to live it with happiness. That, although the older Ha-ni lost herself 20 years back, her younger self reminded her of all the beautiful things life has to offer – she just needs to forgive herself first. It’s a good message for the fans and makes for a tender moment between the two characters.

Moving on, Hello Me episode 16 also finishes off Anthony’s storyline where he gives away all of his wealth to help bullied kids and goes on a soul-searching journey. He talks to Ha-ni one last time and tells her what happened on the day of the accident and how he was the one whose actions made Ha-ni’s family aware of her going to the audition. Ha-ni understands the predicament he is in and forgives him – this isn’t his fault.

Yu-hyeon and Ji-man, on the other hand, visit Ms Han in prison. The latter feels like a husk of her former self and seems to have changed from her wickedness. She apologises to them both and asks for forgiveness. Yu-hyeon tells her that they are all lonely without her and for her to return to them soon.

At the fag end of Hello Me episode 16, we see that younger Ha-ni has returned to her timeline, right when she got into the accident. She has to go through the pain of losing her father but maybe this time, she will be able to cope better.

On the other hand, Ha-ni and Yu-hyeon are in the same department and are pursuing a romantic relationship, Do-yun is the head of Joa Confectionary, Ha-ni and Ji-eun are getting reacquainted with each other and Anthony, or Chun-sik, has opened up a street food shop and protects kids from being bullied.

Hello Me episode 16 ends off with Ha-ni writing a letter to herself where she talks about how her younger self taught her so many things and recounts their memories together. The letter ends with a “goodbye, me” which brings the series a full circle.

This has been a great ride and episode 16 takes care of a lot of different strings deftly. However, there were certain parts which felt rushed, while others weren’t as satisfactory. Would I want a second season? Maybe, but the makers really need to better themselves at their game.

Hello Me episode 16 is streaming on Netflix.

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Hello Me episode 16 ends off the series in a sweet light with good messages for the audience.
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