Netflix’s Haunted S3 Review: Campy Fun

Haunted S3 is a docuseries that has people talk about their real-life supernatural experiences with their friends and family and also features chilling re-enactments.

I remember when I had first watched Haunted: Latin America, I had found it interesting. The series was enjoyable and full of creepy stories. Nothing too horrific and very summer campy – it’s a fun watch for the family if you’re in the mood for something creepy but nothing too serious. Haunted S3, thus, is another fun addition to the franchise.

The series consists of six episodes, each around 25 minutes long and starts off very creepily. The first episode, titled In the Pines, features a woman being brutally tortured. We then cut to a familiar scene – a woman, who has supposedly haunted, talks about her experiences with the supernatural. What follows is her talking about her mother’s terrible parenting and her leaving her home when she comes of age. But what happens when she moves into a house with her boyfriend?

This is how every episode of Haunted S3 goes. It’s chilly, it’s fun and it’s good enough for everyone – from any age – to enjoy. The other stories are similar, someone moves into a new home or gets something new that is cursed. They then hear creaking in the night and their lives are forever changed. The stories are stuff we have heard before mostly, but the fear in the narrator’s eyes makes a little bit of difference.

haunted season 3 netflix

As I had said in Haunted: Latin America, these stories can just be heard in the form of a podcast. Every situation is narrated pretty well and you can keep your eyes closed and enjoy the story as well. The podcast-y feel can be good for anyone who’s doing some work and wants to still listen to what the stories are about. Just like in previous seasons, one person narrates their point of view, while the others in attendance sometimes chirp in to add something to provide their perspective.

As with other seasons, again, Haunted season 3 takes its atmosphere very seriously. It’s dark and foreboding and the narrators talk in low and deep voices. Everyone looks sombre as if they are going through the ordeal right now. It adds to the seriousness of the situations, which, otherwise, you’d probably not take seriously. Moreover, the production quality is great and the recreations look beautiful. Every scene looks and feels great.

The scares aren’t much, but it’s creepy as hell. There’s some good amount of torture and Haunted S3 does not shy away from showing some blood and gore. It’s not something that will knock your socks off, but the series mixes its fares up to make it enjoyable for all.

Summing up: Haunted S3

haunted season 3 netflix

Following its course with another season, Haunted S3 is a fun ride through spook town that keeps the creep factor high while not making us pee our pants. If you’re easily scared or have kids, this one would be a good watch to have a movie night.

Haunted S3 is streaming on Netflix.

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Haunted S3 is a fun ride through spook town that keeps the creep factor high while not making us pee our pants.
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