Netflix’s Haunted Latin America Review: Spooks and Chills

Haunted Latin America is the Latin iteration of the popular docuseries Haunted that has people talk about their real-life supernatural experiences with their friends and family and also features chilling re-enactments. Haunted Latin America consists of five real-life episodes.

For anyone who’s in the mood for horror stories right now, and probably likes to listen to podcasts, then Netflix has your weekend covered. Believability is obviously the biggest concern when it comes to horror, and I get it, but if you keep that aspect aside for a second, then the tag of “based on real-life” can be quite alluring and can add a layer of mystery and intrigue to the whole concept.

I am talking about Haunted Latin America, the five-episode series that came out on Netflix. The series features people from different walks of life talking about the most harrowing supernatural experiences that they have faced that have left a mark in their lives and how they live.

Honestly, it’s a series that you can probably just listen to as well, with your eyes closed. It’s in the form of one person narrating the entire incident, which is new for Netflix. The change of pacing is refreshing and welcome and if you aren’t interested to watch the recreation and an entire family looking harrowed, then this format works well. However, if you don’t know Spanish, that’s going to be difficult because dubbing isn’t available as of yet.

Anyway, Haunted Latin America has the narrator sit in a dark and foreboding room narrating the story while the recreation takes us through the entire ordeal that the people went through. Everything is on-brand when it comes to horror and it’s all dark and malicious and takes you into the feel of the story.

Haunted Latin America

That isn’t to say that the others in the room don’t speak. Everyone provides their input and their share of the story to give it a more interactive feel. Obviously, as an audience, we know that there’s a script and it’s not all organic, however, it does add a touch of authenticity to it.

Coming to the scares, there are moments of genuine creeps and bated breath in Haunted Latin America. Again, taking it all with a grain of salt is something we are used to doing when it comes to horror. However, the stories and the recreation, along with the narration, mesh together well and provide us moments when you’ll be genuinely creeped out. At other times, however, it’s more dubious. There are moments when you will dismiss whatever’s happening in front of you as absolute bogus stuff, and I wouldn’t blame you for it.

There is, however, an astounding amount of blood and gore in the series that is great to watch. It looks delightfully real (ok, that sounds weird) and the only thing that I can say is that the practical effects are awesome. Severed heads, blood baths, chunks of meat missing – yeah, it’s all there. So, I wouldn’t recommend Haunted Latin America for kids or people who are squeamish. However, the “ghostly faces” are, well, debatable.

Summing up: Haunted Latin America

Haunted Latin America

Haunted Latin America is a series with its problems, but is still a fun watch. Honestly, you’re not going to be scared out of your mind at any point. But it’s creepy and chilling enough at some places to make it a good and fun watch. Coming out on the weekend, it’s perfect to chill in front of and get some spooks in the process, but, again, won’t scare your socks off.

Haunted Latin America is streaming on Netflix.

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Haunted Latin America has its creepy moments but isn't bone-chilling in any way.
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