Grumpy Christmas (2021) Review: Hector Bonilla Film is Whimsically Funny

The movie Grumpy Christmas was directed by the dynamic duo of Pedro Gonzalez and Raul Martinez. Also, Gonzalez and Eduardo Donjuan have penned the screenplay. It is streaming on Netflix from 21st Dec.

Grumpy Christmas review does not contain any spoilers

Grumpy Christmas brings forth different perspectives to the fore

The movie may seem odd out of context, free from its narrative, but it’s actually relevant and engaging within the story. While the characters are cliché at best, they work within the context of this story, making them more relatable.

It certainly won’t bring anything new to your personal Christmas experience, but it will give you a few laughs and nicely complete the seasonal experience. It’ll be worth your time if you want to spend an hour or so enjoying a film that makes you feel good about Christmas.

Grumpy Christmas

While you are looking for a feel-good movie this Christmas, there’s no better option than Grumpy Christmas. It has just the right kind of humour to keep things exciting and will indeed have you laughing out loud throughout.

It sounds like a mix of The Family Stone and Meet the Fockers, except with a more Mexican flavour. And in that equation, it’s not bad at all. It helps that each actor is all very likeable, especially Hector Bonilla as the stubborn grandfather. All in all, it’s an excellent way to spend an evening with family and feels warm and fuzzy about everybody afterwards. 

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Grumpy Christmas: Delightfully unexpected for a Christmas movie

It’s a funny and heartwarming Christmas film. You’ll love the characters who are rich in personality. They add to the storyline, too, making it more enjoyable to watch. It is predictable but has enough twists and turns that it’ll keep you intrigued. The acting is excellent, and the 80s feel only adds to its charm and humour.

While it is not a great film in any sense of the word, those who enjoy more moderate comedy will find it thoroughly enjoyable. This movie is best suited for families and friends looking for a way to relax and have fun this holiday season.

Grumpy Christmas (2021) Review: Hector Bonilla Film is Whimsically Funny

If you’re fed up with the holiday clichés and want a change of pace, try this film out. It’s pretty much the ridiculous movie you’ll ever see, and that’s what makes it fun to watch.

There’s not a lot of substance here, but there is a lot of fun. The colourful characters are great to watch interacting and build comedy moments on top of humour, and the beautifully woven animation makes it all that much better.

Hector Bonilla is hilarious as the grandpa in Grumpy Christmas

Grumpy Christmas is the perfect movie for you if you’re looking for zany comedies. The film is downright cray-cray, featuring over-the-top family antics and a motley crew of colourful characters.

The best way to have a good time is to have fun movies, and Mexican movies seem to be the entertainers. Grumpy Christmas is another such entertaining movie. Hector Bonilla, the star of the film, played his role well enough that you can feel the anger in each scene.

The relationship between Hector and his family was truly unique. The movie was full of many surprises and twists that you will want more.

Grumpy Christmas

While there are a lot of silly misunderstandings and negative emotions, there are far more moments that hit home with viewers wanting nothing more than to laugh and get into the spirit of the holiday season.

There are a lot of movies to choose from this Christmas, so it may be challenging to find something your family will enjoy. Grumpy Christmas should undoubtedly qualify and will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

This movie toes the line between whimsically funny and just plain ridiculous, but in a way that is agreeable for both children and adults alike.

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Stream It or Skip It?

Grumpy Christmas

All in all, Grumpy Christmas is a must-watch for those looking to spend some quality time with their family this Christmas and want something more than the same old traditional movies can offer. It gives its viewers a great story, funny dialogues and a delightfully unexpected ending that will have you craving for more.

While the movie is enjoyable, it doesn’t linger in your memory after the credits roll. The quirky characters don’t leave much of a lasting impression either. However, if you’re looking for an easy holiday watch, this one may fit the bill.

Grumpy Christmas is streaming on Netflix.

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Grumpy Christmas toes the line between whimsically funny and just plain ridiculous, but in a way that is agreeable for both children and adults alike.

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Grumpy Christmas (2021) Review: Hector Bonilla Film is Whimsically FunnyGrumpy Christmas toes the line between whimsically funny and just plain ridiculous, but in a way that is agreeable for both children and adults alike.