Netflix’s Gone for Good Review: Attention Grabbing

Netflix has released Gone for Good, a limited series that has five episodes of one hour each and is in the French language. It is an adaptation of the book with the same name, written by Harlan Coben. Gone for Good is a thriller-mystery about the sudden disappearance of a woman. It is a classic mystery story, almost like a mix of Pretty Little Liars and Gone Girl. The storyline is gripping, but it falls through at some places that affect the overall show. 

Gone for Good review contains mild spoilers –

Gone for Good starts with a rather confusing scene. We meet the protagonist Guillaume Lucchesi, played by Finnegan Oldfield, for the first time there. Guillaume is a young man who is heartbroken because of his ex-girlfriend. While at home, at night, he hears gunshots. He rushes out to see his brother being attacked by another man who has a gun. Guillaume then rushes over to his ex-girlfriends home, which is right next to his. There he finds out that she has died with her body floating in the pool. 

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Nail Biting Drama 

After this, Gone for Good travels to 10 years later. Guillaume is all grown up. He has been dating a woman named Judith, played by Nailia Harzoune, and both of them work as social workers. The opening scene rushed too fast that it was a little confusing to understand what is happening. As the story unfolds, Judith disappears right after Guillaume proposes to her. Judith leaves some clues without purpose, and it is Guillaume’s job to find where she is.

Gone for Good Guillaume
Netflix's Gone for Good Review: Attention Grabbing 3

To be honest, we love any movie or show where the woman has a backstory that no one is unaware of. It is interesting to learn about her slowly as Guillaume finds information about her past. It turns out that Judith disappearance is not as simple as her leaving Guillaume. Like always, the Netflix production is outstanding. The shots and the colours are amazing. But there are times when the dialogues come out as lazy. 

Even the screenplay feels too easy and convenient. The first episode, which is usually meant for setting the stage, did not connect as expected. What really seemed absurd was the part when Guillaume started to investigate. He calls up people to ask about Judith’s whereabouts but does not question them beyond asking if is she there? That was lousy of him. 

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Interesting and Intriguing

Every character has an interesting backstory or a tragedy that makes them who they are. Guillaume, for example, does not want to lose another person he loves. He lost his brother and the woman he loved when he was young. He also lost his mother, who was overridden by the grief of her son dying. 

Gone for Good Judith
Netflix's Gone for Good Review: Attention Grabbing 4

Gone for Good has some nail-biting moments where you will be intrigued to find out the truth. It also has its fair share of dull moments. However, they are not enough to bring the series down. Maybe because Netflix has worked on films or series based on Harlan Coben books before, that’s why they know what kind of a screenplay will do justice to the story. 

It is also refreshing to see the other side of France, where there is less sunshine and more crime. The idea of using social work as a part of the protagonist’s career and the mystery was an excellent one. If you love to watch mystery shows, then you should definitely watch  Gone for Good. Not only because it is limited series, but also because it is worth your time.

You can watch Gone for Good on Netflix.

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Gone for Good is a Netflix limited series, revolved around the disappearance of a woman which unfolds many secrets.

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