Netflix’s Gloria Review: Underground Ventures And Cold War

Glória is a Portuguese TV series directed by Tiago Guedes and written by Pedro Lopes starring Miguel Nunes, Matt Rippy, and Stephanie Vogt. It is currently streaming on Netflix with a run time of 47 to 40 minutes per mini-episodes with audio in Portuguese and English.

Netflix describes Glória as:

“Spies, lies and secrets flourish in Glória do Ribatejo, 1968, as a privileged Radio Free Europe engineer plays all the angles of Cold War Portugal”.

Gloria review does not contain spoilers –

Gloria starts with a 1968 story where a Radio engineer bags a job at a village named Glória do Ribatejo which has a lot of secret agents, deceptions, and mysteries taking birth in it. The biggest challenge lands on his face when he gets trapped between the Cold War and a gigantic operation. The mission is full of hazards with constant chase and chaos to catch the lawbreakers and crack the puzzle. Nevertheless, they take the plunge to smash the echo of the war happening around and move forward.

The frame turns tricky in the nick of time as the mission moves ahead and slowly makes way to scepticism and speculations. The mystery continues alongside passionate love and war. Some face criticism while some get on top in the race to track the leakage of confidential government papers. The mission becomes more difficult and the situation turns sour. A difference of opinion pops up a spark and brings them face to face with the slaughterings.

There are three concepts in this series which are Cold War, Colonial War, and secret surveillance. The Cold War took place in 1947 which was one year before the mission started but by the end of it, there was huge destruction. The US and Russians were at loggerheads due to disagreements of international politics that lead to the Colonial War.

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Glória: Storyline and Cast

It is an exhilarating series due to its gripping storyline and its cast. These two factors bind the series together and give a beautiful appeal to it. Though it has dark elements mixed in it, still the TV drama has a good amount of suspense, thrill, mystery, and uncertainty at its heart that is interesting to watch. Miguel Nunes as Joao Vidal is a robust spy with some great action scenes and dialogues.

Stephanie Vogt as Anne O’Brien Wilson and Matt Rippy takes as James Wilson are in tune and bring out some captivating features in the series. The TV drama is limited to only 10 episodes, but it has all the necessary thrill covered in it. Each episode starts with a new mission followed by difficulty and ends up with more suspense.

Image Credit: A still from Glória trailer

Glória: Final Verdict

Glória keeps intrigued in its story and doesn’t give us a chance to blink our eyes. It has the backdrop of scandal, politics, drama with a pinch of delight and romance too. Watch till the end to find out about the mystery around the characters which have some unexpected side to them. The KGB spy goes out of his way to get his hands on the secret information by hook or crook but very soon realizes that the task he has accepted doesn’t have logic or morality from either of the sides.

I recommend Glória if you want to explore some thrill and suspense this week as it has a perfect combination of historical spy thriller and war. Glória is a good attempt at screenplay which can help you to revisit the history and recall the political movements of the 60 and 70’s eras.

Glória is streaming on Netflix.

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A compact village called Glória do Ribatejo, a land of espionage and war. A Radio engineer enters the game to switch the chronology of events forever.

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Netflix’s Gloria Review: Underground Ventures And Cold WarA compact village called Glória do Ribatejo, a land of espionage and war. A Radio engineer enters the game to switch the chronology of events forever.