Netflix’s Get The Grift Review: It’s All a Scam

Get The Grift, or Os Salafrários, a Brazilian-Portuguese crime-comedy movie, is streaming on Netflix now. Helmed by Pedro Antônio Paes, the film is about a man and his foster-care sister and their journey.

The film revolves around Clovis and his foster care sister Lohane and how they perform big scams on the way of their journey. Clovis is a con artist, while his sister runs a food junction on a trailer illegally.

The movie was supposed to have crime as well as comedy, and, as a person who laughs at the silliest jokes, I didn’t find anything that made me laugh even a tiny bit. There have some crime scenes as well, but at an age where crime stories are galore all over the internet, this one proves to be quite mellow and, frankly, uninteresting.

Get the Grift opens with the life story of Clovis, whose mother left him with his father, and then one left with the other, and that’s how he met Lohane, his foster care sister. Clovis (played by Marcus Majella) grows up as a con artist but earns money frauding others.

On the other hand, Lohane (played by Samantha Schmütz) runs a food trailer without a license. One day, two fraudsters dressed as police officers come to ask for her license, and instead of doing anything, they rob her. Eventually, the actual police come to seize her trailer and at that moment, she decides to reach out to her brother Clovis.

The movie unfolds further, and when Clovis is about to make a quick run from the city, he bumps into his sister and Lohane tags along with him only to find out he is a fraudster too. She leaves him, but destiny gets them together again, and they start scamming people together.

Get the grift

So, what happens next? Do they get arrested or make another run to another city? Or do they plan something big to scam something precious? What happens to the brother and sister? To solve these lot of questions, you can give this 94-minute Brazilian-Portuguese film a watch.

Get the Grift: Why watch it?

Marcus and Samantha have done a really great job in portraying their characters. Director Pedro Antônio Paes has given some excellent shots in the film showing the beauty of Brazil. It’s a feel-good movie with no such suspense – its crime aspects failing miserably; it’s good for a one-time watch.

Why I couldn’t really enjoy it

Get the grift

Get the Grift‘s script is very predictable and writer Fil Braz could have done it better. The comic timings weren’t really great, and it didn’t make me laugh. As for the crime asect, it didn’t intrigue me to watch it either. There are multiple sequences which feel like scenes you’ve seen before in other movies. It has its bits and pieces to enjoy, but all in all, it’s not entertaining as a whole. Even the music score is lacklustre. Other than the actors, there’s not much to enjoy here.

Get The Grift is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Get The Grift is a comedy-crime film that neither intrigues nor excites.
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