Netflix’s Generation 56K Review: Heartwarming Connections

Generation 56K starring Cristina Cappelli, Angelo Spagnoletti, Claudia Tranchese, and Sebastiano Kiniger is out on Netflix. Francesco Capaldo and Alessio Maria Federici have directed the show together. The series has eight episodes of 30-35 minutes each.

The plot for Generation 56K on Netflix is described as – “A chance encounter leads two 30-something to remember 1998, the year their teenage hormones kicked in – and the internet changed their lives forever.” IMDb summarises it as, “Told from two points of view, a couple begins dating during the era of the 56K modem and navigates their relationship over the next two decades.”

Every era has changed the way people date and find love around them. From grand romantic gestures to keeping it toned down, lovers and relationships are of every kind. Before the invention of dating apps, boys and girls would meet at parties, clubs, restaurants, colleges, classes or anywhere outside, and their eyes would get locked. In today’s time, the traditional method still exists, but dating apps have gained immense popularity.

Netflix’s Generation 56K tries to touch this difference by telling us the story of Daniel (played by Angelo Spagnoletti) and Matilda (Cristina Cappelli). The duo fell in love in the 56K modem era in 1998. Years later, they meet via a dating app, but there’s a twist.

Daniel is waiting for an online date named Magda to show up. It’s their first date, and he swiped right on her because of the hot pics in which her face was hardly visible. But the date doesn’t show up, probably because she was a catfish. He meets Matilda outside the restaurant and thinks it’s his date. Matilda recognises that it’s her childhood friend Daniel, but he has completely forgotten about her. She doesn’t reveal her real identity to him.

Generation 56K Review: Still 1
Generation 56K Review: Trailer still

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In the first episode of Generation 56K, Daniel and Matilda have a wonderful date. After reaching home, Daniel receives messages from Magda that she couldn’t make it due to some issues. That’s when he realises that the girl he spent the evening with was someone else. Daniel tells his friends what happen who tease him as after six years, he liked someone and has no clue who the girl was. On the other hand, Matilda tells her friend Ines about Daniel and how he failed to recognise her.

The remaining episodes are about how Daniel tries to find the mysterious date’s identity, and Matilda being confused about her feelings. She is in a serious relationship with her wedding day nearing. So making a decision about what/who she wants will be a tricky one. Well, that’s all I can tell you about the plot in this Generation 56K review.

Generation 56K Review: Still 2
Netflix’s Generation 56K Review: Trailer Still

Generation 56K series is set up quite nicely. The opening is good, and the first episode ends on a cliffhanger that interests you to watch the next one. That happens with every episode till the end. The characters and plot are solid, packed with some enjoyable moments. We are simultaneously shown Daniel-Matilda’s present-day scenario along with their 90s life and introduction to the internet world.

At times the plot goes a silly way. But the honesty, love, friendships and connection that we see on the screen compensate for the flaws. Generation 56K cast has done a phenomenal job. Actors Cristina Cappelli and Angelo Spagnoletti look ethereal in every frame, and you can’t get enough of them.

Generation 56K Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, the Netflix series presents us heartwarming romance in eight episodes. It takes a little time for the love to make its way. But that’s how it works in real life too.

Generation 56K is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Generation 56k presents us heartwarming romance in eight episodes. It takes a little time for the love to make its way. But that's how it works in real life too.

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