Netflix’s Geez And Ann Review: Romantic Drama Lacks Souls

Geez and Ann is a romantic film released on Netflix today. It’s an Indonesian film by director Rizki Balki starring Junior Roberts and Hanggini Purinda Retto in the titular roles. The film also stars Roy Sungkono, Dewi Rezer, and Ersa Mayori. A few days ago, the rom-com lovers were already enamoured by Noah Centineo and Lana Condor-starrer To All The Boys: Always & Forever. So how’s the latest one? Read on.

This is the first time I have watched an Indonesian movie and I must say, they are no different from Bollywood romantic films. Hero and heroine meet, eyes lock and the love saga begins. In Hindi films, we have often seen villains or the family causing havoc in our protagonists’ love story. Well, the latter happens in the Netflix film, Geez and Ann.

During a college festival, Geez and Ann meet as the former saves her from a fall from a stool. Quite filmy, isn’t it? Our boy Geez then gives a smashing performance with his bandmates at the fest. After the band’s performance, Geez (Junior Roberts) asks Ann (Hanggini Purinda Retto) about his singing and she gives him an honest opinion that his song was a bit off. Geez is taken aback yet he tries to impress Ann by giving her the only CD of the same song he recorded to know her views.

Geez, a talented singer, has to give up on his music because his mother wants him to focus on his studies and make a good living for himself. Played by actress Dewi Rezer, her character reminded me of R Madhavan aka Farhan’s father from 3 Idiots.

As someone who has seen the same version of this story in different Bollywood films, this oh-so-cute moment felt flat. Geez trying to leave an impression on Ann with his singing talent and her not being entirely pleased reminded me of Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Netflix's Geez And Ann Review: Romantic Drama Lacks Souls
A Still from Geez and Ann

Geez and Ann is based on a book so we can’t expect the writers to change much about the story. Sadly, there have been so many such films made that you find nothing interesting as the love story begins. But I was amazed by some locations, how beautiful the star cast looks and the music of the film.

The film fails to make an emotional connection. The relationship between Geez and Ann seems rushed. Hence, I didn’t feel the ache when their relationship was going through some turmoil. One big factor that made it different from most romantic dramas is the climax. You think it will have a typical ending, but thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

Geez and Ann: Worth It?

Overall, Geez and Ann can be skipped if you are expecting hardcore storytelling and emotions. The story lacks soul and heart. But if you love romantic dramas of every kind, well you can give it a try. But have no high hopes.

Geez and Ann is streaming on Netflix.

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Geez and Ann lacks storytelling and heart but might just win over hardcore rom-com lovers.

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Netflix's Geez And Ann Review: Romantic Drama Lacks SoulsGeez and Ann lacks storytelling and heart but might just win over hardcore rom-com lovers.