Netflix’s Game Changer Review: Four Aides Caught in the Tale of Deception

Game Changer, or Kong Phlik Kem, stars Isara Kitnitchee, Pitawat Prusakit, Sim Kyutae, Khunnapat Pichetworawut among others. It’s streaming on Netflix and is directed by Tiwa Moeithaisong, who has earlier won awards for best cinematography for movies like Bangkok Love Story.

The story begins with a mafia boss who dies, and his four associates decide to keep him dead and continue to run his business. Hence, the deception begins from thereon.

Game Changer Review does not contain any spoilers

A Cheatsheet for the Gamble-Truly a Game Changer

It’s a fast-paced movie that doesn’t waste time getting down to business. From the minute it starts, the film throws you headfirst into the action. There’s no time to be bored, no time for you to get distracted by anything else. The movie is an engaging one with drama, humour and unpredictable twists.

Netflix's Game Changer Review: Four Aides Caught in the Tale of Deception 5

The cinematography was intricate as it had a golden hue of the city. The music, too, was excellent and perfectly matched the mood of the movie. The direction by Tiwa Moeithaisong was brilliant as he managed to engage you till the end.

The premise is simple. That means they have to keep up the pretence that he’s still around. But what starts as a joke quickly turns into a serious problem, as each of them makes decisions based on what they think the boss would want. The comedy-drama combination is risky, but this film cleverly combines a gritty storyline with a light-hearted feel. The cast is strong, and the plot is engaging, making it a thoroughly enjoyable movie to watch.

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Game Changer is all about Sneaky Scenes and Quirky Action

Game Changer shows how events can snowball out of control. It’s well-paced and keeps you guessing right up until the end. The humour comes from unexpected places, including an unexpected romance between two characters who’ve known each other for years but never really talked.

Some twists are easy to see coming, but others that catch you off guard. There are predictable speeches and one-liners, but this is an excellent movie for anyone who loves comedy mixed with action and drama.

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Netflix's Game Changer Review: Four Aides Caught in the Tale of Deception 6

Game Changer is a movie which you will want to watch with friends. It’s the kind of ‘smart but funny’ comedy made for one reason; to make you laugh. The central theme in this film is deception. The four friends are deceiving the family, the mafia, and even each other. This makes for an exciting mystery throughout the movie, one that keeps your attention until the end.

A Comedy of Errors-Game Changer on a Roll

This is a comedy, but it’s not just about laughs. There are some profound moments in the film, too. Some scenes will have you on the edge of your seat while you wait for what happens next. If you like action, then this movie has more than enough to keep everyone happy! 

The action is good, and the storyline will keep you guessing about what will unfold next. There is plenty of humour in this film, but it’s an adventure and an action movie at its heart – and there are plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. This may be one of those films where you feel you’ve seen it all before, but it will keep you guessing until the end.

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Game Changer is a surprisingly engaging thriller that uses its Asian backdrop to create an ensemble of characters whose lives are inextricably linked by the death of the mafia boss who took them under his wing.

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Game Changer is on a Different Note Altogether

The actors in this movie did a great job portraying their characters, and there was humour throughout, which kept the pace up. Although the ending was not really what I expected, I still thought it was terrific.

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Netflix's Game Changer Review: Four Aides Caught in the Tale of Deception 8

There were many twists in the unexpected plot, which made for a good ending. All of them were perfectly cast, and the supporting cast was all great too. No one seemed out of place.

The production value of the movie was top notch. It was well balanced with action, drama and comedy.

Stream It or Skip It?

I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a great storyline with plenty of twists and turns without being too violent or bloody. If you like action-thriller movies with a touch of drama and humour, then you should watch this one for sure!

Game Changer is streaming on Netflix.

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Game Changer is a fun movie to keep you on the edge with great twists and turns and a storyline which is equally engaging.

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