Netflix’s Extinct Review: Epic Rollercoaster of Fun and Frolic

Extinct boasts a stellar voice cast that includes Adam Devine (Ed), Rachel Bloom (Op), Ken Jeong (Clarence), and Zazie Beetz (Dottie). It’s directed by the famous David Silverman hailing from The Simpsons and Raymond S. Persi.

The movie follows a band of doughnut-shaped animals called Flummels that lived on a remote Pacific island in 1835 before they went extinct.

Extinct Review does not contain any spoilers

Extinct is a Story that weaves together the Modern and Pre-historic Times

The animation is spectacular, with beautiful colours and smooth movement between scenes. The story is intriguing enough to keep people watching until the end credits roll. If you have kids, they’re going to love this movie, which means you will too!

Animated movies have, for a long time, been a childhood favourite. By taking a trip down memory lane with a classic animated film, you can relive the magic of your childhood.

Netflix's Extinct Review: Epic Rollercoaster of Fun and Frolic

Op and Ed are the luckiest Flummels in the forest. They’ve got everything they could want: a lovely home, delicious food, and most importantly, each other. But one day, their luck runs out when they accidentally fall through a wormhole while picking flowers. They land in a park in Shanghai, where they meet an adorable puppy named Clarance.

Before they know it, Op and Ed are whisked away to live with Clarance’s human family—an exciting moment for the Flummels until they learn that the fate of her species is in jeopardy!

Op and Ed must go back home to save them, but how can they find their way back when they don’t even know where “home” is? With Clarance’s help, Op and Ed embark on an epic journey across China to find her way home and save her people from extinction.

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Extinct Movie appeals to Imagination and Reality

Flummels, a made-up word for fluffy critters, are cute little creatures with big eyes and floppy ears. One hundred million years ago, they were everywhere until they became extinct.

One day, Op and Ed, two young Flummels who love to play, tumble into a mysterious wormhole that transports them to the present day. Suddenly surrounded by skyscrapers and city lights, the Flummels are very confused about their whereabouts. They go on a crazy adventure through Shanghai, meeting new friends and making epic memories. A unique hybrid of stop-motion animation and live-action, Extinct is a heartfelt and hilarious story about friendship, family, and the bittersweet reality of growing up.

Netflix's Extinct Review: Epic Rollercoaster of Fun and Frolic

The movie boldly blurs the lines between both worlds with state-of-the-art visual effects that are sure to dazzle audiences of all ages.

A Feature Film for Entertaining Aspects-Extinct is Perfect for the Audience

‘Flummels’ is an entertaining but sophisticated tale that should appeal to both younger children and adults. While it does have a moral (be careful what you wish for), it’s presented in a very entertaining way that doesn’t preach or put down other cultures. The film’s animation is colourful and smooth, with well-drawn characters who are instantly likeable (and hilarious), making it easy to follow their story.

Netflix's Extinct Review: Epic Rollercoaster of Fun and Frolic

Extinct movie details the unlikely partnership between the doughnut-shaped furry creatures and a couple of extinct animals plummeting to their downfall. The story is simple but charming. As the movie progresses, it explores what makes each species unique while demonstrating that people can be similar. The movie was well-written and had a solid cast of voice-over actors, including Op and Ed.

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Stream It or Skip It?

Netflix's Extinct Review: Epic Rollercoaster of Fun and Frolic

Extinct 2021 is an excellent choice for families who want something fun to watch together with their children on a rainy afternoon or evening. The animation is colourful and vibrant but not too realistic. The storyline is fun for kids to follow and learn from, but adults will also enjoy it.

Extinct is streaming on Netflix.

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Extinct is a fun animated movie for kids and adults alike. The furry creatures are the stuff of cuddly dreams!

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Extinct is a fun animated movie for kids and adults alike. The furry creatures are the stuff of cuddly dreams!Netflix's Extinct Review: Epic Rollercoaster of Fun and Frolic