Netflix’s Explained Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Know Your Skin

Vox-Netflix’s Explained Season 3 Episode 7 called Your Skin is now out. The 22 minutes episode is narrated by actor Sophie Okonedo who explains to us along with the experts about human skin.

The synopsis for ‘Your Skin’ reads – Don’t panic, but our skin plays host to trillions of bacteria, fungi, mites and other microscopic guests. Go beyond skin-deep with our largest organ.

Explained Season 3 Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers

Explained Season 3 Episode 7, ‘Your Skin’ opens with narrator Sophie Okonedo saying, “There’s a reason skin care commercials don’t zoom in that close. If they do, it’s this pristine, animated landscape.” On the screen, we see glimpses of women from various commercials and the animated landscape version of the skin.

Further, Okonedo tells us that a real close-up of the skin can be unsettling even if someone’s skin looks perfect. The actor explains that even perfect skin is a “rough and broken terrain crisscrossed with oily gullies and studded with hairs. And in this strange land, there can be dragons. Scientists believe that these Demodex mites are on the face of every adult human.” Simultaneously, we see shocking reactions of different women who take a close-up look of their skins.

Today’s Explained Season 3 Episode 7 features various skin experts – Physician, Microbiologist, dermatologists. All these experts tell us that skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is a host to various bacterias, fungi and viruses. However, not all of them are harmful, as some play a key role in keeping our skin healthy. The experts talk about the same in detail.

The latest episode also discusses how all skincare companies make big promises with their products and the early soap industry’s fixation with white skin colour. When soaps were first made, their advertising depicted darker skin as dirty. In today’s episode, the creators also highlight K-beauty skincare items.

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According to one of the experts, K-beauty products are a success because they include substances that other brands did not use previously. Scientists are still striving to figure out how these ingredients are used in K-beauty products. Green tea, Volcanic Scoria, Snail Mucin, Pig Collagen, Bee Venom, Starfish Extract, and Donkey Milk are some of the components mentioned. Further, they also talk about various brands that still sell fairness products.

Explained Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Last Word

Explained Season 3 Episode 7 ‘Your Skin’ creators, in my opinion, played it safe while tackling skincare brands, racism, and K-beauty products. I wish they would’ve gone in deep about how skincare products contribute significantly to the spread of racism. Many of their commercials have been upsetting and disrespectful to people of colour. Many celebrities blindly endorse beauty products and make false promises about them without even trying them. When it comes to Korean beauty, many individuals are obsessed with ‘glass, flawless skin.’ In those 22 minutes, the creators explained something we already know. 

Explained Season 3 Episode 7 is now streaming on Netflix.

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Explained Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Titled 'Your Skin' narrator Sophie Okonedo and some experts tell us about our skin, important bacterias and the role of skincare products.


  1. Wondering why there was no mention of the enormous desire to make skin look darker (tanners, bronzing oils, and the general desire to GO tanning) but they certainly focused on the small niche market of whitening? For decades caucasians have gone tanning to DARKEN their skin and appear more Brazilian, Latin, African or exotic.

    Curiously, this show seemed to miss that point. One-sided wokeness — what a shame.

    • The episode was disappointing. With extra 5-6 minutes, they could’ve highlighted the points you’ve mentioned. It was anyway just a 22-minute episode. They could’ve done better.

  2. I enjoyed the brief look at skin care and racism but the omission of the multi billion dollar skin darkening industry was curious and takes away from the credibility of the show immensely. As a black woman I was happy to see the advertising campaigns of the 60s and 70s put on blast, but we gotta play fair.

    Why not even mention bronzers, darkeners, instant tanners, self tanners, tanning oils, bronzing oils or the many other ways people want to look LESS white?

    • The makers only saw issue of skin care products’/industries’ racist behaviour- whitening creams. I agree with you. They should have highlighted how people get into artificial tanning & also how actors blacken their face for movies/shows.

  3. I don’t know any white people trying to be whiter. Wondering why there was so much emphasis on that and not self tanning lotions, spray tans, tanning beds & bronzers!

  4. I really enjoyed this episode but felt quite disappointed when there was no mention of tanning or societal pressures to be tanned. I’m Irish with typical pink Irish skin and freckles. I’ve grown up my whole life with a massive insecurity of my skin. People always making jokes or comments. I even remember magazines from when I was a teen with before and after photos of a girl trying a new tan, the before pale (bad) and the after tan (good). Even now as an adult I hate my skin and the societal pressures in Ireland and Europe etc to have perfect tanned skin. They definitely missed the mark on this and could have even mentioned this. I would love to feel represented at some point in this topic.

    • They covered only a few topics. After reading your comment, I think they should’ve also highlighted how people feel because of such problematic ads, magazines and products. It would have been impactful and created some awareness.

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