Netflix’s Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Sheldon Cooper’s Favourite ‘Flags’

Netflix-Vox’s Explained Season 3 Episode 3, Flags, is now out. Narrated by Samira Wiley, in today’s episode, the makers explain the influence, impact and power of a flag. We find out how just a piece of cloth can give us a strong message and lead to unity/disruption with what it represents.

The makers have explained the episode shorty as – A flag can unite, divide and terrorise. Explore how a piece of cloth transformed into a powerful symbol of both love and hate, freedom and oppression.

– Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Flags contains mild spoilers –

Netflix’s Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: What it Explains

The episode opens with random people asked to share the first thought that comes to their mind when they see a particular flag. When they’re shown the Pride flag, the individuals say it reminds them of unity, love, beauty, and acceptance. When they are shown the Nazi flag, the first thought that comes to their mind is hate, anger, fear, genocide, etc. After seeing the US flag, people give different responses like the sense of pride, division, oppression, feeling safe, etc.

The entire Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Netflix is what we see in the first 2 minutes. Narrator Samira Wiley says, “One of our basic human needs is to belong. It is why we formed tribes, clans and religions.”

Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Flags
Netflix's Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Sheldon Cooper's Favourite 'Flags' 5

The history of the flag is explained by Wiley and various experts featured in Explained Netflix. The narrator reveals that earlier, flags were made of everything, from animal hair to metal. They explain how it was once used to identify one’s army during wars, but through time it evolved into an identity for various nations, groups, and individuals.

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One of the experts in the series says, “Flags can terrorise and divide us. But they can slso unite us.” Wiley explains this concept to viewers by telling events about Nelsen Mandela, Hitler, Barack Obama, and others throughout history. The narrator tells us how Adolf Hitler understood that flags could be used as a good marketing tool to make people believe everything he wants. Hitler had said, “A striking emblem may be the first cause of awakening interest in a movement.”

The episode also depicts how different countries have different flag-handling policies. Netflix’s Explained Season 3 Episode 3 covers everything from places where it is illegal to burn national flags to protests where flags were used for the wrong purpose. The makers have highlighted movements/games/events where flags played a crucial role in sending out strong messages.

Netflix’s Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Last Word

The creators have simply described everything, just as they did in the first two episodes. They’ve picked some important events from history and shared what happened without digging too deep. It’s an interesting episode about flags, and I’m sure Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory would have loved it.

Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Flags is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Explained Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Narrator Samira Wiley explains us everything about flags - its history, changes, its power and more.

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