Netflix’s Everything Will Be Fine Review: Outstanding Series on Family Drama

Netflix has released Everything Will Be Fine, a Mexican show about a couple who are separated but have to live together for their child’s sake. The show has eight episodes which capture different issues the parents of their kid faces. One thing that we appreciate about Everything Will Be Fine is that the show includes the problems a kid faces when their parents are divorced. 

Everything Will Be Fine review doesn’t contain spoilers –

The show starts with the lead characters, Ruy, played by Flavio Medina, and Julia, played by Lucía Uribe. The two are getting questioned separately. From the questions and the parallel editing, you can understand that the two are or were married. The couple also has a kid named Andrea, played Isabella Vázquez. We are shown the lives of the family. Ruy works at a radio station, and Julia is a designer. 

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Being a Good Parent 

Even though both have creative jobs, they are still tired of it somewhat. Ruy and Julia live a mundane life that revolves around their kid and work. The conventional duty of a mother picking her child from school or attending the PTA meetings is switched. Instead of Julia doing this, Ruy does. However, there are times when you can notice in Everything Will Be Fine that Ruy feels undermined by the women in his life. 

Everything Will Be Fine season 1 Andrea birthday scene
Netflix's Everything Will Be Fine Review: Outstanding Series on Family Drama 3

This thing can be best understood in the scene where he is at the radio station, and his co-worker keeps cutting him. He gives off a look every time he is interrupted while speaking. Everything Will Be Fine shows us how Ruy and Julia’s relationship falls apart. But because they have a kid, they have to stick together. As the story continues, we are shown how Ruy deals with his feelings and the many secrets of Julia. Another thing that we can appreciate about the show is that instead of having the same old existential crisis that one does, Ruy has to deal with his machismo. 

The show is created by Diego Luna, who has done a remarkable job in making the show seem personal and intimate. Every anger and frustration that the couple goes through feels relatable and something that resonates with the viewers. Everything Will Be Fine talks about the idea of what it is to be good parents and spouses in today’s world. This comes out well by the end of the show.   

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Extreme Drama 

We are taken through much drama and satirical comedy that reflects the issues Ruy and Julia face. Both go on a separate journey to come to the same conclusion. The show may have a limited target audience consisting of married people, but it can be watched by anyone. Even though Everything Will Be Fine has a heartwarming story, at one point it becomes too much.

Everything Will Be Fine season 1 Julia
Netflix's Everything Will Be Fine Review: Outstanding Series on Family Drama 4

As we move forward with the plot, a lot of bad things or misadventures happen with Ruy and Julie. Especially Julia. The series depicts the issues through hyperbole. Many other elements such as the #MeToo movement and the corruptness of the Mexican government, is added to the long list of drama. Maybe too much for a family drama. 

In the end, Everything Will Be Fine is a show about what it is like to be a good parent and a spouse while you are divorced. Along with how to be together for the sake of your child. What all you have to sacrifice and lie about, just to make your kid happy. 

You can watch  Everything Will Be Fine on Netflix.

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Everything Will Be Fine Season 1 is a Mexican series on Netflix. It is about the a set of parents who are separated but still live together because of their kid.

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