Netflix’s Equinox Review and Ending Explanation: Dark and Atmospheric Thriller Has All It Takes

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Equinox is a drama mystery series created by Tea Lindeburg and starring Danica Curcic, Lars Brygmann, Karoline Hamm and others. The series is based on Tia Lindeburg’s podcast Equinox 1985. It is directed by Søren Balle and Mads Matthiesen.

If you’re into myths, folklores and weird sex pacts then this is probably the right place to be. Netflix’s Equinox is one weird series that gives a lot of odd things for its viewers to perplex you. It starts off innocently enough but soon moves from odd to downright bizarre, with a finale that makes you raise your eyebrow and will probably make you never want to make weird pacts with gods.

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Equinox follows Astrid as she tries to find out what happened to her sister Ida and her classmates, all 21 of whom disappeared without a trace one fine day.

The show is moody and dark and packs a lot of punch to keep you entertained throughout. There’s a lot of character development, the scary and messed up bits are… well, quite messed up and they effectively creep you out enough to keep you hooked. The series jumps between 1999 and 2020 and tries to give both sides of the story simultaneously. Although this is tricky territory and there’s a chance that you can get confused, that’s never a problem here. Both these decades have their own distinct essences and thus are very different from each other.

  • Equinox
  • Equinox
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Equinox also does a good job at creating the myth and the connection between Astrid, her dreams and Ida’s fate. The outcome of all of this is creepy enough to give you shivers and the story unfolds in a way that keeps you on edge. At no point does it feel too slow or fast, and it delivers enough intrigue and at the right doses.

We see just how much this incident has had an effect on Astrid’s life and her sadness, confusion and anger are all apparent in Danica Curcic’s splendid performance. Most of the story is dependent on her and her ability to drive the point home and she does that with much care. You know exactly what she feels from the way she clenches her jaw and the way she looks. She’s lost, and Curcic makes it a point to let the audience know exactly that.

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Other than her, Lars Brygmann, Karoline Hamm and Hanne Hedelund, along with Viola Martinsen as 9-years-old Astrid, are splendid as well. They bring forth the desperation and sadness of a family who has lost a loved one.

Equinox Ending Explained


So, Ostara’s folklore combines with that of the Easter Bunny and the Hare King. The Hare King fell in love with Ostara and after they parted ways, she started to feel his presence everywhere in the form of eggs. Astrid’s mother Lede had evoked the Hare King after she was unable to conceive children. The Hare King, taking the opportunity, gives Lede a child (Ida) on the condition that she return her when Ida turns 18. The Hare King is Henrik in this case. However, Ida becomes pregnant with Henrik’s child but chooses to have an abortion. This angers him, and he then takes her and everyone else hostage.

Thus, in the end, Astrid sacrifices herself to become Ostara, as she always was, which then frees Ida and all of her classmates. None of them have apparently aged in the last two decades but Ida chooses to stay with her sister instead. So, both Astrid and Ida decide to live with the Hare King, seemingly happily. And if that’s not the most f-ed up thing, then I don’t know what is.

So summing up, Equinox is a messed up series that delivers on some good old creepy and atmospheric horror that has the ability to successfully creep you out and make you uncomfortable. it’s moderately paced and does not dwell on unnecessary things. A delightfully twisted entertainer.

Equinox is streaming on Netflix.

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Equinox is an atmospheric and creepy series that does all it can to keep you on edge.
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