Netflix’s Emily In Paris Review: Oh Boy, Paris is Gorgeous and This is Amazing!

Emily in Paris premiered on 2nd October 2020 on Netflix. The series is created by Darren Star, starring Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, William Abadie, Camille Razat, and Bruno Gouery.

Enchantée Paris

Emily in Paris, a comedy-drama, revolves around the life of Emily Cooper, a young American girl who has a Business school degree and works for a marketing firm in America. However, when her boss in Chicago, Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh), cannot take the job to travel and work in Paris for a year, Emily takes her place. Her work for Savoir involves providing an American perspective to things. From the first day, Emily is an outsider for her sophisticated French co-workers and boss as she is an American girl, and moreover, she is in their country with little to no knowledge of their language.

Emily In Paris Review/Netflix
Lily Collins as Emily

But Emily is clever and smart. Her business marketing ideas are exceptional and always work out, with a few ups and downs here and there, and she always finds a way to impress her clients but her boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) is not so easy to impress. She is often rude and demeans Emily but that doesn’t dampen her spirits and she continues to grow, learn French and be her true, charming and shining self. The 10-episodes-long series continues to capture her struggles, glory, and love story in such a way that you can’t quit.

As soon as you enter the world of Emily, she has all your attention and there’s no escaping it. The series brings forth the world from the eyes of a young girl who is out in the wild world searching for her place with an ambition to grow and glow. It carries a pace of its own which isn’t exactly slow or super out there but rather helps the growth of the series, with each moment worth savouring. Honestly, if the series was to be rushed, it would have been a montage of her life where we wouldn’t have understood the character arc and depths and thereafter, a complete disconnect would have followed.

Emily’s life is uncertain – every time she does something completely amazing, a new problem arises. But the way she tackles them every time is flawed yet flawless. The screenplay of the series is rather simple and does feature some cliche moments but the presentation is what makes it a worth-watching series.

Emily In Paris Review/Netflix

The series is light on your brain and promises a few funny and heartwarming moments here and there and is a break from the negative state of affairs and the violence-filled content out there. It does generalize the French, no denying that, but that side of things is completely forgettable as it doesn’t go on for a long time. In Emily’s defence though, pretty much everyone ‘French’ she encounters is quite mean to her face. Also, not to forget, the story is from Emily’s perspective, it’s her character narrative and being an American citizen, she has a few stereotypes to fight too!

A warmer side of the show is brought forward with Emily’s love interest Gabriel and a few crushes on and off who are just beautiful French men you would want to see more of like Antoine Lambert (William Abadie) and Mathieu Cadault (Charles Martins). Emily is single and in Paris and her love interests are often interesting and cause conflicts in her life. But, as Mindy (Ashley Park) says – How even are you in Paris if you haven’t had a widely inappropriate affair, Nous sommes d’accord (we agree)!

Emily In Paris is high on its fashion quotient. You would see Emily dressed every day in the best of outfits as if every day is a celebration. Each and every character’s clothing not only fit the character’s narrative but it also fits the colour scheme of the scene, the locations, and everything else, defining things in subtle ways and often times showing the characters’ moods!


Emily In Paris Review/Netflix
Lily Collins as Emily Cooper and Lucas Bravo’s Gabriel

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper is the backbone of the series so any failure in her performance has the potential to take the whole series down like a domino. However, she takes up her role so well that you can’t help but root for this young American newbie in Paris struggling professionally and internally, lonely in a city of thousands. That is until she finds Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), an outsider like Emily who seems to have cracked the internal workings of Paris. She becomes Emily’s friend and confidant and their relationship will bring a smile to your face.

Lucas Bravo’s Gabriel has the power to sway you away with his charm (beau!) and his excellent cooking skill as he’s a chef and is Emily’s major crush and vice-versa but has a girlfriend who loves him. Well, things are complex here but you’ll love how it’s done! Camille Razat as Camille, Gabriel’s girlfriend, and Emily’s friend is a character that doesn’t see much growth but, in her respective part is flawless and 100% French.

William Abadie as Antoine Lambert and Charles Martins as Mathieu Cadault take up the role of two wealthy men who, in ways, rule the perfume and fashion world respectively. They are strong, charming, and definitely worth a while. Their screen presence is wholesome and adds to the screens and the scene’s command and power!

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Emily’s boss in Paris, doesn’t seem to like the way Emily breathes, let alone everything else. Her character adds potential to Emily’s growth chart and experiences and she brings on-screen the arrogant and sophisticated boss’s image forward flawlessly with two of her employees. Samuel Arnold as Julien and Bruno Gouery as Luc seem to support Emily on and off but, well, who knows? Their characters are fun and bitchy and add entertainment to the mix.

Lastly, Victor Meutelet as Timothée makes a cameo in Emily in Paris as Camille’s 17 year-old-brother and he is flawlessly charming in his part and unforgettable!

Stream It or Skip It

Emily In Paris Review/ Netflix
William Abadie as Antoine Lambert

STREAM IT! Emily In Paris is no brain-teaser but rather a light-hearted show that’ll make you feel happy and comforted with each of its approximately 25-minutes-long episodes and a possibility of a second season. The series is a blast! Emily is an amazing narrator and her journey is worth following. After all, Emily being in Paris is quite a big deal. It is shot in beautiful locations in Paris that’ll make you want to visit the country as soon as the pandemic is over! The setups, shots, lights, sound everything is just ‘fascinant.’

Emily In Paris is now streaming on Netflix.

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Emily In Paris is one beautiful series set in Paris, the fashion capital, and it is glamourous and heartwarming! Stream It or Skip It? Read Here!

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Emily In Paris is one beautiful series set in Paris, the fashion capital, and it is glamourous and heartwarming! Stream It or Skip It? Read Here!Netflix's Emily In Paris Review: Oh Boy, Paris is Gorgeous and This is Amazing!