Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover Season 2 Review: The McGees are Back at It!

Dream Home Makeover season 2 is a half-an-hour-long six-episode Reality TV series that stars Syd and Shea McGee who renovate the homes of whoever needs their services.

The first season of Dream Home Makeover was the literal dream of every family out there. I guess watching the first season really made me wish that Shae and Syd McGee would come to my house to give it an enthralling makeover that would literally change the course of my life.

Thus, much like the first season, Dream Home Makeover season 2 follows the same pattern. The McGees travel to the homes of different families to give their homes a much-needed makeover. At the end of each episode, we’d see the homeowners come back home and fight back tears to see the mind-blowing change that their home has gone through.

Dream Home Makeover season 2 follows the same pattern that the first season did. We see bits and pieces of the McGees going through making something beautiful while also balancing their home lives with their two daughters. We get to learn about the homeowners, their families and their aspirations. We also see a little bit of the designing process, although this time we see Shae with a lot of hammer action.

The series is a fun and engaging watch, although, similar to the first, Dream Home Makeover season 2 delivers nothing new to the table. If you’re in for something fun but non-committal, this is the series for you. You’re transported into these picture-perfect homes and see the process of them changing into something completely new and spectacular. The six-episode-long season contains fun and heart-warming moments and consists of families of different flavours which keeps it engaging and fresh.

Dream Home Makeover season 2

Unlike the first season, there are various budgets that the McGees tackle this season. The first episode is literally a multi-million-dollar deal. The homes are beautiful and it’s pretty fun watching these homes transform into something completely new.

Additionally, similar to the previous season, Dream Home Makeover season 2 again has those inconsistent 3D texts that are absolutely annoying. But thank god for the production value because all of the episodes, people and homes look absolutely splendid.

One gripe that I have with this season is that the later episodes fell during the COVID-19 pandemic but no one wore a mask outside. Maybe it’s just me, but with people still dying all over the world, I think it’s a bit irresponsible to not feature that on a Netflix show. However, we do see how the McGees tried to manoeuvre the lockdown and worked with the help of Zoom calls. That addition made the pandemic problems quite real.

Summing up: Dream Home Makeover season 2

Dream Home Makeover season 2

Dream Home Makeover season 2 follows the tried and tested pattern of home makeover shows without bringing anything new to the table. However, it’s a good-looking show that delivers on the entertainment factor and keeps you engaged with its heart-warming stories and beautiful production.

Dream Home Makeover season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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Dream Home Makeover season 2 is a shiny and sparkly addition to the series that is entertaining and fun.
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