Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma Review: Dragons and 7 Deadly Sins

Dragon’s Dogma is a Netflix anime series based on the video game by the same name by Capcom. The series is directed by Shinya Sugai.

The 7 sins

Dragon’s Dogma follows Ethan, who, after losing his entire family to a Dragon, makes it his mission to kill the creature. He is helped by a Pawn whom he names Hannah, and along the way comes across various situations that test his patience.

I haven’t played the original game and neither did I watch the trailer before getting into it, so I watched Dragon’s Dogma with a fresh pair of eyes. The series is extremely entertaining, and owing to its short runtime, it’s not a huge commitment.

That being said, I really enjoyed it. Each episode is named after a deadly sin, starting from when Ethan became an Arisen till he finally reached the Dragon to slay him. The episodes are meant to be a learning place for our hero, who battles all these demons in an effort to gain more knowledge. In that regard, the series does a good job. There’s sufficient insight into the sins, and what doom it can bring into people’s lives who are consumed by them. However, the final blow comes in the last episode, after a heartbreaking revelation puts everything into perspective – giving the series a good turn of events.

The characters, too, are quite fleshed out and we gain further insight as we dig deeper. Ethan is a good guy and has been through quite the tragedy when he was young. That has shaped his life and made him the man that he is today. He’s married to Olivia, and is expecting a baby with her, and that’s exactly the motivation that we need to make him the tragic hero. Olivia’s character, although nice, has nothing to offer since she’s just used as a device for Ethan to seek vengeance.

Dragon's Dogma

We also have the Pawn, Hannah, who becomes Ethan’s confidant on his quest. She starts off as only a character which is guided by right and wrong, but soon the characters being to rub off their personalities against each other, and it’s a good mixture. We also come across various interesting characters throughout, who, although don’t make a huge dent in the story, are likeable and serve their purposes well.

However, and this probably isn’t that big a problem, but Ethan is so chiselled out. It seems like he works out and takes a lot of protein throughout the day, but we never see him do it. He’s also the tried-and-tested hero who’s strong and brooding with the tragic backstory. It doesn’t take away from the story much and considering it’s based on a game, it’s not a bad characterisation. There’s are a lot of unnecessary sex scenes that become a bit too uncomfortable to watch after a while. The CGI, too, is not that great in my opinion. But Dragon’s Dogma still manages to look nice and the colours look pretty.

Dragon’s Dogma explanation: who is the Arisen?

Dragon's Dogma

In the game, an Arisen is created when the Dragon takes a player’s heart. According to the prophecy, an Arisen is someone who will defeat the Dragon in order to prevent an apocalypse. The Arisen soon discovers that he can create Pawns. As in the series, Pawns exist only to help the Arisen fight and defeat the Dragon. Pawns look human, but are devoid of feelings and free will. They are customisable, and grow along with the Arisen as levels progress.

Summing up: Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon's Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is a fun, non-commitment-intensive series that is entertaining and provides a good story and set of characters. It has the ability to get you attached to its characters, and the story flows quickly and in a structured way. However, with such a short runtime, it is obvious that you won’t get as much depth as you’d probably want – so that’s a sacrifice that you’d have to make. However, it’s still quite entertaining, and the last episode makes you wonder what’s in store for our brave hero.

Dragon’s Dogma is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Dragon's Dogma successfully creates a mythical world where Dragons and humans do not get along, obviously. It's entertaining and a fun watch and keeps you hooked for 7 episodes.


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