Netflix’s Dog Gone Trouble Review: Journey from Palace to Street

Dog Gone Trouble released on the 28th of May, 2020, on Netflix. The animated movie is directed by Kevin Johnson and written by Jordan Katz and Judah Miller. The story is about the life of a dog living in luxury and how it changes when he is kicked out.

Story of Dog Gone Trouble

Dog Gone Trouble is the story of a dog named Trouble. He is living the most luxurious and happy life, even better than most humans. But his happiness is short-lived after his owner Mrs Vanderwhoozie dies. Just then, like most of our relatives, two annoyingly greedy relatives Claire and Nobert, arrive to claim the assets left by Mrs Vanderwhoozie as they are her sole heirs. But not all have a heart like Mrs Sarah Vanderwhoozie, who had kept 2-3 servants for her beloved dog Trouble. So, in their greediness, the relatives dump Trouble along with Sarah’s stuff.

This is when it’s time for Trouble to know about the harsh realities of the stray dogs and their struggles to live every day. But he seems lucky enough as, according to Mrs Vanderwhoozie, the relatives Nobert and Claire can only get her possessions if they bond with Trouble and if Trouble is happy with him. So to gain all the wealthy possessions Nobert and Claire hire an animal tracker to bring Trouble back. Thurman thinks he is funny and behaves as if he is Mowgli part two.

On the other hand, it is not a smooth ride for Trouble on the streets till now, but he finds a group of squirrels who become his enemy too soon. He also meets Rousey, a dog who has a bitter past. So, he thinks that humans are bad and cannot be trusted. At the same time, Thurman turns out to be a good tracker, according to the makers. But in reality, it seems like his character is just scripted to get to the conclusion as he ridiculously knows everything. The makers somehow also think that making Thurman repeat the term, “I will kill the dog” is somehow funny when in reality it’s offensive.

Dog Gone Trouble

The story then shifts to a pizza delivery girl who aspires to be a singer named Zoe Bell. Meanwhile, Trouble starts to know the differences between the life of the street and a domesticated dog. Also, he gets adopted by Joe and makes four domesticated dogs his friends. He seems to have a good life with Zoe and starts to know the importance of loving owners and that when the person you are with is good, the luxuries and wealth does not even matter. But this recently started perfect life comes to a halt when he gets kicked out of Zoe’s house and gets caught by Thurman because of the squirrels.

What happens once Trouble reaches the life of his old luxuries? Does he forget about the lessons he learnt on the street? Does he forget about Zoe and the times he spent with her? What happens to Zoe, and does she miss Trouble? Does Rousey’s perspective of humans change, and what is the reason behind his perception? Do Nobert and Claire get what they want? If you are interested in knowing the answers to these questions, you should watch Dog Gone Trouble.

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Overview on Dog Gone Trouble

Dog Gone Trouble

Dog Gone Trouble is an average movie in respect to animated movies. Although it is successful in showing the difference between the life of a domesticated dog and a street dog, it also shows the struggle of the street dogs for a living and makes us empathize with them. Even the visuals and the editing is pretty good.

But the direction is average, and the script and writing suck. The squirrels and the character of Thurman are supposed to be funny but are irritating and sometimes even offensive. Also, there was no need of keeping so many characters of dogs, especially towards the end. Because you don’t even remember most of their names, it’s been an hour since I have finished watching it, and I have already forgotten most of its parts which makes it clear that it leaves little to no impact. Dog Gone Trouble is not the worst movie out there, but it’s nothing that will stick with you either.

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Stream It or Skip It

Stream it! If you are a person who is addicted to dog movies, then surely give it a watch. But if you are searching for stories that will make you cry and are relatable, then Dog Gone Trouble will disappoint you.

Dog Gone Trouble is now streaming on Netflix.

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Dog Gone Trouble is an average movie with cuteness and frills but fails to leave much of an impact after everything is done and dusted.

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Dog Gone Trouble is an average movie with cuteness and frills but fails to leave much of an impact after everything is done and dusted.Netflix's Dog Gone Trouble Review: Journey from Palace to Street