Netflix’s Detention Episodes 5 and 6 Recap: A Possession, Sexual Assault and Victim Blaming

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Detention is a Taiwanese supernatural drama TV series which is based on the video game by the same name by Red Candle Games. The series is directed by I-Hsuan Su, Shiang-An Chuang and Yi Liu.

Detention episodes 5 and 6 recap

Touching on sexual abuse and the stigma that surrounds victims, Detention episodes 5 and 6 is a look at how victim-blaming plagues victims of sexual violence and how disgusting people can be.

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Going a step further down the already crumbling ladder, Shen Hua reaches new lows with his treatment of Yun-hsiang. After her absentee father comes to her rescue and violates her privacy by reading her diary, Yun-hsiang has to relive her difficult times. She also becomes a victim of slander and people go out of their way to blame her for “seducing” their grown teacher.

This is seen far too many times in society. Teachers, or anyone in power, taking advantage of their position and violating students – it’s disgusting to see the events unfold and you can’t help but feel bad for Yun-hsiang. On the other hand, Shen Hua, the spineless man that he is, caves under his father’s pressure and does his bidding. His father is a real piece of work and thinks about no one but himself.

Detention episodes 5 and 6
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Detention episodes 5 and 6 are horrifying, not because there’s a lot of supernatural aspects to it, but because human beings are awful and there’s absolutely no sense of morality here. Yun-hsiang is left disappointed wherever she looks and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. It’s bleak and hopeless and doesn’t give any hope for her.

Feeling as hopeless as us, Yun-hsiang decides to take a drastic step and in steps Jui-hsin to save her. Detention episodes 5 and 6 then take a turn where Yun-hsiang starts living a parallel consciousness – Jui-hsin’s consciousness, to be exact. On her way to be possessed, she goes through Jui-hsin’s life and realises the hardships the girl had to face due to her volatile home life, a life that mirrors her own. It’s heartbreaking to see two young girls go through these things without any form of support.

Detention episodes 5 and 6
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Cheng Wen-liang plays a major role in Detention episodes 5 and 6. He understands and supports Yun-hsiang and gives a proposal. However, when he makes a rash decision, he has to face the consequences that seriously impact his plans with Yun-hsiang. He, later on, takes his uncle’s help when he realises that his friend is in trouble and is nowhere to be found.

Detention episodes 5 and 6 further emphasise on mental health, sexual violence and rape culture and brings to our attention how a fascist order cannot solve problems. The episodes aren’t scary in the traditional sense of the term but are terrifying because this is the reality of the world we are living in. Taking a very different turn, the episodes are heartbreaking and will make you question where the real terror lies.

Detention episodes 5 and 6 are streaming on Netflix.

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Detention episodes 5 and 6 focuses more on the horrible intentions of human beings rather than the supernatural horror.
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