Netflix’s Detention Episodes 3 and 4 Recap: Losing Yourself

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Detention is a Taiwanese supernatural drama TV series which is based on the video game by the same name by Red Candle Games. The series is directed by I-Hsuan Su, Shiang-An Chuang and Yi Liu.

Detention episodes 3 and 4 recap

Detention episodes 3 and 4 are two very gnarly episodes. Although horror elements of the supernatural kind are very few, it makes up for it with very uncomfortable and horrifying situations pertaining to human nature and people’s terrible intentions.

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And in all of this mess, Jui-hsin seems to be the only good person (or ghost) around here, albeit with nefarious intentions of her own.

Detention episodes 3 and 4 see Yun-hsiang finding her footing in the creative sphere with the help of her friend Jui-hsin. Although a ghost, the latter seems to be closer to her than anyone else around her. It is here also that Jui-hsin shows Yun-hsiang her life and her past and both of them are astonished to find how similar their worlds are. As Yun-hsiang’s home life begins to further spiral, with her mother becoming more and more volatile, she takes refuge in her passion for writing poetry with Jui-hsin’s help.

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In the path to this creative expression, she catches the fancy of her teacher Shen Hua, who seems to be too interested in her form of expression. However, word about their growing closeness spreads around, and the school management definitely does not approve. What Yun-hsiang comes to later realise about her teacher pushes him on a path of destruction, permanently scarring the girl in ways that are too horrifying to witness.

  • Detention episode 3and 4
  • Detention episode 3and 4

On the other hand, Wen-liang, being a pretty solid friend, is all out to get more dirt regarding Yun-hsiang’s odd behaviour and slowly realises the truth about Jui-hsin. He successfully is able to disassociate the two from each other, but Yun-hsiang soon realises that without Jui-hsin, her writing is also pretty bad. In a dilemma as to what to do, she chooses to make a decision. Will that, however, work in her favour? Is it too late for her? Has she lost her sense of self too? Has Jui-hsin gone in too deep? These remain to be seen in future episodes.

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Although it’s interesting to see just how bad people can get and how real life is more horrifying than fiction, I am a little disappointed at the lack of horror elements in the series. Jui-hsin, although creepy, does not evoke a sense of horror in any way. And her creepiness only goes a little way, considering how bad the living people around Yun-hsiang are. Also, should we be afraid of our protagonist? Detention episodes 3 and 4, again, have pretty bad CGI work that takes so much away from the series. The acting, too, is okay but nothing spectacular.

Detention episodes 3 and 4 are streaming on Netflix.

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Detention episodes 3 and 4 go further into how terrible people can be but does not go too deep with the supernatural elements.
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