David and the Elves (2021) Review: One Legendary Christmas Miracle

David and the Elves is directed by Michal Rogalski featuring Cyprian Grabowski as David, Jakub Zajac as Albert and Cezary Zak as Santa Claus.

David and the Elves review does not contain spoilers

David and the Elves is filled with the Christmas spirit

It’s Christmas time! And – of course – Santa Claus is looking for some help. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but Santa Claus cannot do all the work alone. He needs your help in his workshop.

You are an elf at the North Pole ready to make toys for Christmas. You have to show your skills as a toymaker and help Santa Claus make toys before Christmas Eve. You must also show your intelligence and put up with the chaos around you because your fellow elves are rather clumsy and can’t handle some of the machines properly. So it’s up to you to make the toys on time!

David and the Elves (2021) Review: One Legendary Christmas Miracle

But what happens when you’re overworked and feel the magic and benevolence of the season disappearing?

Well, that’s Albert the elf for you who doesn’t understand the whole concept of St. Nicholas existing as the Father of Christmas. He escapes and enters the human world to gift his magic, but fate has decided something different for him.

There is a place for Christmas miracles in a world where everything is measured in terms of money and not feelings. They happen in this Christmas story. The main characters are an elf, Albert and an 11-year-old David who lives in a big city.

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David and the Elves is a touching tale of humanity and belief

David believes that Santa Claus is honest. He sincerely loves his parents. He cares about everyone around him, even though sometimes it causes him suffering and pain.

On the other hand, some people have no love at all, who live for themselves and their well-being. These people do not see anything around them. They don’t notice the beauty of life around them.

David and the Elves (2021) Review: One Legendary Christmas Miracle

Toys and people – there are no boundaries for friendship. David shows Albert what real love is and makes him believe that it is possible to save oneself and others.

David and the Elves is not just another Christmas tale on a shelf for a few weeks after Christmas. It is a timeless tale that you can pick up any time of the year and read to your kids or grandkids. It will make them smile, feel good and learn something in the process.

Will you help Albert? He is waiting for you in the modern world of concrete, asphalt and skyscrapers. You have to help him discover why magic is leaving the world, to make it more robust again.

David and the Elves revives the Christmas spirit and how?

Albert’s journey is an unusual mixture of platforms and a point-and-click adventure game in one. What makes this book special is how it shows that Christmas isn’t about presents or even family… it’s about love for others. While Albert struggles to find love, David has plenty of it to spare.

David and the Elves is a story about friendship, love and help. And about belief. It’s about an elf named Albert and his adventures with David.

david and the elves

The plot is excellent, with interesting characters and a lot of imagination in the world they live in. The film is full of action and humour, even though it’s a short movie.

I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to enjoy their time watching movies. Children will enjoy this movie because it’s easy to understand and follow the plot. I think this is good for all ages to watch because it shows people how important friendship is, especially between children and adults.

The film has a good cause: to pay tribute to the fact that many people are alone and unloved. It is sad but beautiful at the same time.

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How individual acts of kindness makes David and the Elves a magical tale?

David and the Elves features a lot of Christmas spirit and holiday cheer, which you will certainly enjoy if you are a fan of this genre. It is fun and fabulous, with a great sense of humour. There are no dull moments in the movie, so I recommend it for children and adults.

This movie has its flaws, but they do not affect the general impression of it much. Some parts of it are predictable and childishly naive, but we do not need to be very difficult or sophisticated when choosing a film for Christmas or New Year holidays.

David and the Elves (2021) Review: One Legendary Christmas Miracle

It is even better that way because there is nothing worse than watching a movie where it’s all too serious and sad. And here everything is just fine – warm feelings, happy moments and funny jokes. So let’s not look for flaws in this movie too much – sit down and enjoy it!

Stream It or Skip It?

The main character of this feel-good movie will become your friend if you help him believe in himself. If you can make Albert the elf feel happy, he will bring you a gift that will make you happy forever. It’s time to start watching this film!

David and the Elves is streaming on Netflix.

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David and the Elves is a story about friendship, love and belief - one that will brighten up your Christmas!

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David and the Elves (2021) Review: One Legendary Christmas MiracleDavid and the Elves is a story about friendship, love and belief - one that will brighten up your Christmas!