Netflix’s Dave Chappelle The Closer: “Carry On, Dave”

Netflix’s Dave Chappelle The Closer is the comedian’s closing act for all his slate of comedy specials. With a trailer featuring the brilliant Morgan Freeman asking our dearest Dave to “carry on”, it is no news that this particular episode of Dave Chappelle’s career in stand-up comedy is a noteworthy one. The show stars Dave Chapelle on stage getting his comic groves to us. The runtime is a little over an hour but, worth every second of it.

– Netflix’s Dave Chappelle The Closer review does not contain spoilers –

Dave Chappelle The Closer: Live From Detroit

The screen opens with Dave Chappelle looking at his comedy recordings and finally picks up “The Closer” and plays the vinyl record for the audience to be transported into this world of hilarious last special.

A unique thing about Chapelle’s shows is how he does not hold back while performing. The man’s every line is filled with innuendos that either make you laugh so hard that the joke does a U-turn to affect your real life. Or, it is satire that is dark enough for you to laugh but also, make you think of the joke on a much deeper level. This Netflix presentation is no less in regards to that.

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From the start, Dave Chappelle creates the air where you would want to listen to him because, “This is going to be my last special for a minute”.

The comedian starts off with his personal journey while facing the coronavirus and the battle that it took to come to where he is. He takes note of the racism on Asians that was fuelled more during the COVID 19 pandemic. That is really the instant when you realize that the man is going to set the record straight for very many issues.

Dave Chappelle addresses the issue of gender identity, racism, discrimination and sexuality. At one point in the show, he even addresses the LGBTQ+ community directly. Getting some things off his chest he clarifies somewhere down the show about the “transphobic jokes” he cracks saying, “Any of you who have ever watched me know that I have never had a problem with transgender people. If you listen to what I’m saying, clearly, my problem has always been with white people.”

As the show progresses it might feel like it is Dave Chapelle’s informal way to answer all the accusations he has faced about the anti-transgender jokes he cracks often. The justification feels right but, it also feels wrong and it is up to the viewers to decide at which end they belong.

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It is directed by Emmy award-winning director Stan Lathan. It is rather Lathan’s return to direct ‘The Closer’ as he has directed all six of Chappelle’s Netflix specials. Apart from being fabulous, this stand-up special actually completes a body of work for Chappelle which includes: ‘The Age Of Spin’, ‘Deep In The Heart Of Texas’, ‘Equanimity’, ‘The Bird Revelation’, and ‘Sticks & Stones.’

Dave Chappelle The Closer: Final Thoughts

A last piece of memory by Chappelle, it is doubtful if the audience will ever let this one go. Chappelle is acclaimed and has already received around Emmy nominations for his works, Dave Chappelle: The Closer will probably just add to the list with its brilliance. If you are looking for a thoughtful series of nerve cracking jokes, you can count this show in.

Dave Chappelle: The Closer is now streaming on Netflix.

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Watch one of the best comedians out there cracking you up in Netflix's Dave Chappelle The Closer


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Watch one of the best comedians out there cracking you up in Netflix's Dave Chappelle The CloserNetflix's Dave Chappelle The Closer: "Carry On, Dave"