Netflix’s Das Hausboot Review: Passion Projects

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Das Hausboot or The Houseboat is a limited TV series featuring Fynn Kliemann and Olli Schulz.

Honestly, when have renovations ever gone according to plan? You start off small, expect it to come out the other end flawlessly – on time and within budget. But hey, that never works out, does it? By the time it’s all wrapped up, it’s been a few months and you’re way over budget. Das Hausboot is a limited series that quickly but effectively shows us the perils of renovations… and well, not realising what you’re getting into until it’s too late.

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Olli Schulz and Flynn Kliemann get a hold of legendary German singer Gunter Gabriel’s houseboat after his death and thought of turning it into a place for musicians to come together and enjoy. However, what started off as a passion project soon turned difficult and a humungous task when Olli and Flynn realised that the houseboat is not in its best shape.

Honestly, that’s totally under-representing the houseboat – that thing is a mess. There’s stuff everywhere; according to Flynn and Olli, Gabriel seemed to be quiet the hoarder. Apart from the huge amount of stuff, the houseboat is also in disarray and in terrible conditions. The foundation is absolutely dismal and there’s a boatload of things to be done to make it somewhat usable.

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Thus, Flynn and Olli set out, over the course of four very short episodes, to make the houseboat habitable. Actually, Das Hausboot took place over the course of 2 years and obviously, as is expected from a project of this magnitude, there’s a lot of drama that takes place. Differing opinions and fits of rage, along with terrible fights and even bankruptcy – the team faces it all. 2 years of unyielding work later, the houseboat is ready – but does it live up to its owners’ expectations?

Das Hausboot / The Houseboat

Das Hausboot is a fun watch. Considering it’s German and is about a German singer and their thoughts, it’s still a fun watch. the first episode, especially, is quite the stress-buster – watching the team tear through walls, doors and windows and everything in between can help you relieve some stress. There’s also so many different personal items of Gabriel’s that the team finds that they have to get rid of – it can make you feel bad for the guy and make you wonder about what will happen after you die. Are your things also going to lie around and be thrown out? Things that you have kept close to you and represent who you are – will they matter to others?

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Olli and Flynn are the two main characters of Das Hausboot and its fun to watch the two of them work with each other day in and day out. It’s labour-intensive work and the two try their level best to keep their calm and give it all. But obviously, there are times when that does not work out in their favour and they have misunderstandings and don’t agree with each other. It’s also nice to watch them get over these issues and come back again to finish what they started.

Summing up: Das Hausboot

Das Hausboot / The Houseboat

Das Hausboot isn’t a reality TV series that will give you tons to gossip about. Honestly, it can get boring sometimes. However, it’s short enough to not get on your nerves too much and can be enjoyed in the course of 2 hours. If you enjoy watching shows about apartment renovations and the like, then this one might just be a fun thing to go through.

The series goes from casual to serious but still holds on to its playful nature. It’s also emotional in the sense that Gabriel’s houseboat was supposed to be turned into a museum where it would be of no use. However, turning it into something usable makes Gabriel’s legacy memorable. Even if you’re bored a little, what comes out of this huge undertaking might just keep you around till the end.

Das Hausboot is streaming on Netflix.

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Das Hausboot isn’t a reality TV series that will give you tons to gossip about but is still an interesting watch.
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