Netflix’s Crime Stories: India Detectives Review: Bangalore and 4 Heinous Crimes

Crime Stories: India Detectives premiered on 22nd September 2021 on Netflix. Directed by N Amit and Jack Rampling and produced by Tarun Saldanha. The 4 episode long true-crime series on Netflix follows major criminal investigations under the Bangalore police.

Murders and Investigations

True-crime documentaries have always been my area of interest, It astonishes me to see how people and their brain works while they plan and commit crimes. And the cherry on the top is the way these crimes are solved with one clue on another, testimonies, and more. Adding to its wide library of true crime documentaries, Netflix brings to its viewers Crime Stories: India Detectives. The docu-series revolves around the Bangalore Police and their quest to solve 3 murder mysteries and 1 kidnapping case.

The series opens with the murder case of a mother and a brutally injured brother wherein the culprit is the daughter. Following this, the second episode revolved around the murder of a man wherein the wife was suspected of the murder. The first two episodes are seemingly simple and pretty much open and shut cases since the culprits are right in front of the police nonetheless they are intriguing. Episodes 3 and 4 are more complex as they deal with the murder of a Prostitute and also sheds light on their treatment by authorities, and the last episode deals with child trafficking and how fear cripples down the authorities and parents as time increases.

Crime Stories: India Detectives

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Crime Stories: India Detectives tries to provide as much detail and real footage as possible, the execution is relatively simpler and doesn’t account for a lot of statistics or history but rather focuses on the real-time details. The makers also try to take into account both sides which brings a sense of authenticity to the documentary making it one engaging watch. Available in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English, the makers have made sure that the documentary reaches out to a wide spectrum of people across languages.

Like other such documentaries Crime Stories: India Detectives does not have animated bits to it that makes the documentary looks more engaging and dramatic, it is simple and well, real. So if you’re expecting something with such elements then you must refrain from watching Crime Stories: India Detectives but if you want something well made, detailed, and authentic feeling then this is your binge!

Can you watch Crime Stories: India Detectives with your family? yes. But you should avoid watching it around kids due to graphic details in the episodes and abuse.

Stream It or Skip It

STREAM IT! Crime Stories: India Detectives is a well-directed and executed docu-series. The first episode left me shocked as I could not place my mind into understanding the mind of the culprit and it’s just intriguing. The more I see such films and documentaries the more I am drawn towards the psyche of these people which also encapsulates the effects of social prejudice and class discrimination and its effects on individuals.

Crime Stories: India Detectives is streaming now on Netflix.

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Crime Stories: India Detectives brings to its viewers 4 riveting true crime cases under the Bangalore Police.

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Crime Stories: India Detectives brings to its viewers 4 riveting true crime cases under the Bangalore Police.Netflix's Crime Stories: India Detectives Review: Bangalore and 4 Heinous Crimes