Netflix’s Country Comfort Review: A Warm and Comforting Family Sitcom

Country Comfort premiered on 20th March 2021 on Netflix. Created by Caryn Lucas, the 10 episodes long series with each episode around 25 minutes long. The series stars Katherine McPhee as Bailey, Eddie Cibrian as Beau, Ricardo Hurtado as Tuck, Jamie Martin Mann as Brody, Shiloh as Cassidy, and Griffin Mclntyre as Dylan as main characters. Recurring actors include Eric Balfour as Boone and Janet Varney as Summer.

Nanny By Chance

Country Comfort is Netflix’s new sitcom which more or less passes the old-school vibe. The 10-episode long sitcom revolves around the life of Bailey, a musician who is mistaken as a nanny by a family in desperate need of one as she enters their home in need of help (her truck broke down) as a storm blows outside. When she knocks on the door she is welcomed by Tuck who decides to tell everyone i.e., his other siblings namely Chloe, Cassidy, Dylan, and Brody that she is their new nanny which obviously she denies too!

But things take a turn when, after some situations, Bailey and the kids find themselves deeply attached to each other with no wish to let her go leading their father Beau to hire her. Additionally, Bailey who recently had her break up is often seen breaking down into emotional moments but hopping back up like a queen. The sitcom is a family drama and throughout its episode, we follow various hilarious and emotional moments making it one good series.

Country Comfort
Netflix's Country Comfort Review: A Warm and Comforting Family Sitcom 3

Jumping into the nitty-gritty of the show, there are some obvious cliché moments and flaws here and there. The show has some over-the-top moments but isn’t that exactly what sitcoms that pass the 70’s and 80’s vibe do? The storyline is predictable and the moment you set foot in the sitcom you know what is going to happen but that does not take away the charm of Country Comfort. The series tries to hit home rather than bring in something completely new.

There is no denying that I wished that the show had some sort of subtle social commentary in the background, but more or less it sheds light on the value of family, relationships, and love. And if you’re planning to watch a show with your family on the family night then Country Comfort can definitely be one of them. The sitcom has nothing too great about it but still manages to pull a few heartstrings as it takes into account children grieving their mother. It is more of a family drama than a comedy show and it’s satisfactory and sweet.

Stream It or Skip It

Country Comfort
Netflix's Country Comfort Review: A Warm and Comforting Family Sitcom 4

STREAM IT! While there are ample cliché moments in Country Comfort, the sitcom is still a worthy watch. It’ll be no surprise if the sitcom turns into one of your comfort shows with everything about it set right (again, with a few flaws here and there). What I really appreciate is that the makers did not add an unnecessary love angle between Beau and Bailey (phew!)

Also, the cast is adorable! No arguments.

Country Comfort is now streaming on Netflix.

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Country Comfort is Netflix's latest old-school type sitcom which manages to pull some heartstrings all the while leaving some good family moments.

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