Netflix’s Cooking With Paris Review: Gimmicks and Paris Hilton

Cooking With Paris is the Reality TV show of our vanity dreams. I don’t even know at this point what to say about this.

Netflix’s description reads:

With an anyone-can-cook attitude, Paris Hilton adds her own flair to every dish. Fun is just one edible glitter bomb away on this unique cooking show.

– Cooking With Paris review does not contain spoilers –

Hilton talks in this extremely seductive voice and the behind-the-scenes is horrifyingly engaging to watch. Okay, it’s not that engaging, for me it was mostly hate-watching. I hated how much I wanted to consume this, but then again, Reality TV and I go way back.

But to be perfectly serious, Cooking With Paris feels undercooked. The series opens with Paris Hilton in a grocery store in a huge pink dress, hair gently flying, sauntering down the aisles. A minute later, the behind-the-scenes footage gives us a real look. However, that 5 minutes of revelation is lost in the rest of the episodes.

Hilton, as we all know, is very much over the top and that’s probably how we like her. However, in Cooking With Paris, she comes off as this dumb blonde who doesn’t know anything in her own kitchen. That’s a stereotype that I do not like enforcing and watching it happen on-screen just made me barf a little.

The over-the-top nature of the show was probably expected. However, Cooking With Paris comes off as goofy, vapid and stupid. There’s not much you get to take away from these episodes. You don’t get interesting gossip, neither do you get interesting and never-before-seen recipes. It’s a mish-mash of ditzy behaviour and some stories.

After a while, Cooking With Paris feels repetitive. It isn’t to say there aren’t moments that you can take away from here. However, the series has six episodes, each half an hour long. Considering the runtime, these moments seem quite small.

However, what Cooking With Paris ravishes in are creating “moments”. These gimmicks are so ingrained and absolutely everywhere that it feels forced and not genuine (yes, I know they aren’t meant to be genuine. You know what I mean.) The pink dress, the balloons, Paris Hilton seductively and very methodically beating an egg, as well as certain snide remarks such as “Cooking Tip: These are tongs” adds nothing to the whole thing.

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So, you, like me, might wonder what Cooking With Paris is about. Because as you might have guessed, it’s not a cooking show. It doesn’t try to be. There’s nothing you can learn when it comes to making food. So, is it funny? Not really – honestly, the gags get boring after the first go. So then is it satire? Nope, not that either.

Cooking With Paris is amusing and confusing. It really doesn’t tackle anything but does not even try to take itself seriously so you can’t be angry with it. It’s an uncomfortable thing when you don’t know what you feel about the show you’re watching. Hilton keeps on saying that she loves cooking and compliments herself at every moment, but doesn’t know what a blender is or feels like a grown-up when she cleans her kitchen. Has she never cleaned her kitchen, I asked myself? Well, that’s an answer I probably know, but am too scared to acknowledge.

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Summing up: Cooking With Paris

Cooking With Paris
Netflix's Cooking With Paris Review: Gimmicks and Paris Hilton 6

Cooking With Paris is enjoyable when Hilton goes out shopping before the start of every episode. Those parts feel funny and genuine. Unfortunately, other than a few genuine moments between her and her guests, there’s not much to look forward to. Well, other than if you’re looking for Paris Hilton being ditzy and loud gimmicks. There are a lot of those.

Cooking With Paris is streaming on Netflix.

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Cooking With Paris has Paris Hilton being her best glittery self, but provides nothing in terms of content.

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