Netflix’s Chicago Party Aunt Review: Fun, Buzzed, and Thriving!

Chicago Party Aunt premiered on 17th September 2021 on Netflix. Created by Katie Rich, Chris Witaske, and Jon Barinholtz, the 8-episode long animated comedy-drama stars Lauren Ash, Katie Rich, Michael Patrick Thomton, Jill Talley, Rory O’Malley, RuPaul, Jon Barinholtz, and Ike Barinholtz alongside other cast members.

Diane Dunbrowski Is Here

Diane in Chicago Party Aunt is not just a character that was brought on paper and screen rather it is the brainchild of Chris Witaske who first introduced this wild, partyholic, and booze-drinking character on Twitter. Eventually, with jokes and Diane’s social media presence started gaining popularity and a follow. And now here we are almost 5 years later with Diane’s Netflix animated series debut!

Chicago Party Aunt follows the everyday adventures of Diane Dunbrowski who works as a hairdresser in Chicago alongside her Nephew Daniel who is taking a gap year before attending Stanford. Diane has an elder sister named Bonnie who unlike Diane is well settled and wants Diane to understand and take responsibility for her actions but as she acts like a helicopter mom to Daniel life finds a way! Furthermore, Diane is separated from her husband Kurt with whom she has a son named Mikey, she dearly loves him!

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chicago party aunt
Netflix's Chicago Party Aunt Review: Fun, Buzzed, and Thriving! 2

Chicago Party Aunt follows the general animated sitcom format with 8-episodes of about 24-25 minutes each. The sitcom will have you hooked from the very beginning with its light-hearted storyline and bright-coloured animation that runs through all the episodes. Diane’s character even though sometimes maddening and loud is absolutely lovable and as she goes about life riff-raffing through it all with her Daniel who is gay and is stepping into the world with little experience but a will to do something! Additionally, the entire workplace sequence throughout the series is hilarious!

Diane in no way fits the definition of an employee anybody would want to hire but there is something to her wit, charm, stubbornness, and stupidity that one can let go of her! Even though there are some jokes in the sitcom that might come across as repetitive or old-school but nonetheless, Chicago Party Aunt is a good watch and it’s the Chicago accent and appeal to it that makes it worthwhile!

Stream It or Skip It

STREAM IT! Chicago Party Aunt is embedded with local references, Chicago accent and people, and more and while not everyone may understand these references it is still an entertaining series. With Season 1; Part 1 ending on the brighter side with things coming together in Diane’s life, Part 2 of the sitcom might as well deal with wholesome bonding bits and we’re all in!

Chicago Party Aunt is streaming now on Netflix.

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Chicago Party Aunt Diane is here and things are about to get wild!

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