Netflix’s Cat People Review: Got Us Feeling Cattastic!

Cat people is a docuseries created by Glen Zipper who is also responsible for Netflix’s Dogs. The series explores our relationship with cats and consists of six episodes, each around half an hour long.

– This Cat People review contains mild spoilers –

The official Netflix synopsis for Cat People reads:

Cat people come in all shapes and sizes, but they share a love for their enchanting, unique feline friends. This docuseries reveals their tales.

Cat People is a documentary about, well, cats and their owners. If you’ve lived long enough, you’d know that there is a negative connotation when it comes to cats. People always compare them to their furry counterparts, dogs, and talk about how cats aren’t as friendly. Well, no wonder! Cats aren’t dogs!

Anyway, with 6 episodes, each focusing on different feline problems, Cat People sweetly centres around six instances where kitty cats were the best! The docuseries doesn’t focus just on cats, though. It’s very much about the humans who live with them as well. So, you not only get to see the cats but get to know about different people who love cats as well. It’s a wonderful thing to see and of course, as I keep saying, why wouldn’t you like watching cats doing cat things and being absolutely adorable?

The first episode of Cat People is titled Cat Rappers Delight. It’s about DJ Ravioli (yes, that’s the cat’s name) and Moshow. The latter is a rapper and Ravioli is his sidekick. However, Moshow has a lot of cats; he, along with his wife, have the best of felines to call friends and everyone has a unique personality. But what keeps them together? The love that they share for each other.

Cat People episode 2 is titled The Cat Show Must Go On. Samantha is a trainer at the Amazing Acro-Cats. These cats are the stars of the show, although they can be very difficult to work with sometimes. However, the challenge is what drives Samantha, as well as her love for cats. But as the pandemic hits, the cats are not in the mood for training.

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Cat People episode 3 is titled Copycat. We jump to Japan in this episode where there is a lot of mysticism revolving around cats. Sachi, of Wakuneko, uses needle felting to create life-like models of cats in a frame! Her three cats and she are the perfect tag team and there’s a lot that the cats have taught her throughout the years.

Paws For The Cause is the fourth episode of Cat People. Mr. B’s Random Acts of Kindness raises money for cats in need. Oh, and it was inspired by a cat called Chonk Cat Mr. B and good god, is that cat chonky. TrapKing also played a huge part in all the good that they do. So, this episode has two different perspectives to watch.

The fifth episode is titled God’s Little People. The episode follows a couple who move to Syros, inspired by a feral kitten and start a sanctuary for stray kitties. On a small island such as Syros, the 13,000 strong cat community gives them a reputation for being pests. However, the sanctuary is trying to change the outlook of the locals, as well as taking care of the cats.

Lastly, the last episode, titled Catwabunga! is about a cat who surfs. Maverick is one of a kind and Marsha’s emotional support animal. A week before Maverick’s birthday, Marsha and her buddies are busy planning for his party!

Summing up: Cat People

Cat People
Netflix’s Cat People Review: Got Us Feeling Cattastic! 6

Cat People is as much about the cats as it is about the people. The series focuses on the fur babies as much as it focuses on the varied and colourful lives of their humans. Every person has something different to offer to the community and to their cats and it’s an environment where both learn something from each other.

If you love cats or animals in general and also want to know about some very interesting people working with them, then Cat People is the perfect, heartwarming show to binge on today.

Cat People is streaming on Netflix.

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Cat People talks about different interesting people and their relationships with their fur babies. It's a whole lotta cats!

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