Carnaval Review: Hot and Heartbroken Influencer on an Exotic Trip

Carnaval, a Brazilian film starring Giovana Cordeiro, Bruna Inocencio, Gessica Kayane, Samya Pascotto, Flavia Pavanelli, Micael, Rafael Medrado, and Jean Pedro is currently streaming on Netflix. Directed by Leandro Neri, Neri penned the story along with Peu Barbalho, Audemir Leuzinger, and Luisa Mascarenhas.

Netflix film Carnaval focuses on the life of a social media influencer named Nina (Giovana Cordeiro). Social media is her life, and she posts every moment on Instagram. However, when her boyfriend Marcão (Lipy Adler) cheats on her, Nina becomes a butt of memes on the internet. Yet, amid all the drama, she gets a chance to go on an exotic trip to Salvador to be a part of Carnival.

A well-known popstar named Freddy Nunes funds the trips for all the Instagram influencers, including Nina and her friends. She meets her influencer idol Luana (Flavia Pavanelli) during the trip and has a major fan moment. Nina, a heartbroken influencer, hopes that the Carnival or Carnaval pics and videos will help to boost her followers to millions.

Netflix describes the plot of Carnaval movie as, ‘After a breakup, an influencer takes her friends on a free trip to Bahia’s vibrant Carnival, where she learns life’s not just about social media likes.’ Nina and her friends have a lot of fun, enjoy the free luxury, meet random strangers, party, get drunk and wild and do everything girls always wish to do on a girls trip.

Carnaval Review: Hot and Heartbroken Influencer on an Exotic Trip
Carnaval trailer still

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The concept is not new, but the execution is stunning and magnetic. Everyone in the movie is hot and happening and aptly cast. There’s drama, good music, flashy lights, lots of kisses, hot summer bodies and silly moments. Director Leandro Neri has successfully managed to capture the madness and presence of social media in people’s life – some are obsessed with it, and some really don’t give sh*t about it. The film is an antidote to those who are going through a breakup.

However, Carnaval movie is lost in its narration. While the makers succeed in showing the obsession with social media, they hardly impact us with the ‘life is more than social media likes’ idea. For example, Nina doesn’t appear shaken or sad after the breakup. So it’s hard to take her seriously. In fact, until the last 15 minutes of the film, her priority is only posting on the internet. So the message of ‘life’s not just about social media likes’ seems rushed in the end.

Carnaval Trailer
Carnaval Review: Trailer still

Neri has also shown how one has to be responsible while using social media. It can make you an overnight star and also take you down with just one mistake. Being a top influencer also means people will never forget what you do/say as everything shared on the internet stays forever. Well, that’s all I can mention in my Netflix’s Carnaval review without giving away too much.

Carnaval: Is it worth watching?

Overall, you will not get bored while watching the film. It’s made so that the characters in the story and the viewers can have fun. Of course, it has flaws that can’t be ignored, but there’s no harm in watching it once.

Carnaval is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Carnaval is fun and happening but misses out on giving a better social message.

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Netflix's Carnaval is fun and happening but misses out on giving a better social message.Carnaval Review: Hot and Heartbroken Influencer on an Exotic Trip