Netflix’s Boomika (2021) Review: Packs No Punches

Boomika is a horror movie written and directed by R. Rathindran Prasad and starring Avantika, Aishwarya Rajesh and Pavel Navageethan, alongside other cast members. The film has a runtime of 122 minutes.

Netflix’s description for Boomika movie reads:

Paranormal activity at a lush, abandoned property alarms a group eager to redevelop the site, but the eerie events may not be as unearthly as they think.

– Boomika review does not contain spoilers –

Boomika is, mostly, a haunted house movie. Gautham, his wife Samyuktha, his sister and his architect friend go off to visit a house in Ooty. It’s a real-estate project for a minister and the mansion is nothing short of royal. However, it’s fallen into despair in the last 10 years.

Right off the bat, the characters come across as trying too hard. The moment these four people (five, if we include the kid) reach the house, they fight on silly matters. Goutham, especially, is such an egoistic character that it makes you feel angry. On the other hand, Aditi, an adult, screams like a banshee at the smallest of things. I mean, I get it. Fear makes you do a lot of things. But there’s a child here. Come on.

Another annoying thing that takes away a lot from Boomika’s atmosphere is the ever-present and booming background score. You think something scary is going to happen? Well, don’t worry, the score is going to let you know 5 minutes in advance. That’s how it also tries to create unnecessary tension that doesn’t amount to anything.

The movie overcompensates heavily for its lack of scares with unnecessary screams from Aditi and Gayatri. Sure, I’d be creeped out if my phone started pinging after I took the battery out, mostly because taking the battery out is next to impossible these days. However, I’d still try to make some rational sense before making a huge logical leap.

Everyone in Boomika tries really hard to come out as smart and logical. However, they make contrasting decisions that don’t make sense half of the time. And then there are CGI (wild?) dogs. I don’t even know what to say, other than Aditi is such a selfish a**hole that she can’t think of anyone but herself. This is the problem with the movie, everyone is so damn unlikeable. Make rational decisions, there is a child FFS.

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Anyway, towards the end of Boomika, it goes down a very philosophical route, one that makes very less sense. Ok, I get the messaging. But, could you be any more in the face? Like, it’s less of a film and more of a message on environmental conservation. The thought behind it is fine, but really, you need to bring it home instead of showing what it showed. In the end, when people start getting their heads bonked, I was almost thankful for them to shut up for a minute.

Unfortunately for the movie, the movie delivers neither the scares, which disappear because of the incessant screaming and arguing, nor the message, which slaps you without much subtlety. Thus, you’re left feeling utterly bewildered, wondering what the movie wanted to achieve.

Boomika’s performances, almost like its story, is flat. It doesn’t really pack any punches and Aishwarya Rajesh is probably the least annoying character here. Also, the need to get people who are not autistic to play such roles is unfair at best. Regardless, Avantika Vandanapu (Spin) does a good job.

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Summing up: Boomika


Boomika is a mess of a movie although its messaging isn’t the worst. The way they went about showing that message is what is problematic. Additionally, the horrible characters are what’s the obstacle here. Don’t waste your time with this.

Boomika is streaming on Netflix.

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Boomika has a good message at heart but fails massively to execute it.

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