Netflix’s Black Space Review: A Disturbing School Shooting Thriller

Black Space, an Israeli psychological-crime thriller released on Netflix on Thursday. Directed by Ofir Lobel, the story is written by Anat Gafni and Sahar Shavit. The thriller stars Guri Alfi, Assi Levy, Reut Alush, Liana Ayun, Yoav Rotman, Shai AviviGily Itskovitch, and others. There are eight episodes that have a duration of 45-50 minutes. Is it worth watching? Read our full review below.

At the Memorial Day assembly at Heritage High School in Israel, the unexpected happens. Four people wearing unicorn masks enter the school premises and start shooting at the students. Four students lose their lives, and many get injured. In another scene, Special Investigations detective Rami Davidi (Guri Alfi) is getting his eye infection checked. The doctor tells him that he will lose his eyesight if he doesn’t take good care of it. He gets an alert of the school shooting and immediately rushes to the spot.

Black Space Review

Rami Davidi and his team reach the school and handle the panicked students. The paramedics help the injured ones, and the cops try to get some information from others who weren’t physically hurt. At the school gate, parents are traumatised and scared as their worst nightmares come true. They fight with the cops as they want to enter the premises and see if their children are okay or not. No one knows who is responsible for the attacks. While the mayor and parents think some terrorist group has done it or there’s a political intent behind the attack, Rami believes it is an inside job. He thinks some students from Heritage High School have attacked and killed their classmates.

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The remaining seven Black Space episodes are all about finding answers and the true culprits. The cops arrest some Palestinian workers as suspects, but Rami is not convinced that they are killers. Along with the Heritage High School shootings, we also get an insight into Rami’s personal life. Just like every other crime drama, Rami’s life as a cop is stereotyped – pregnant wife, some trouble in marriage and things going wrong personally as he gets closer to finding answers to one of his most significant cases.

Black Space Review: Actor Guri Alfi
Black Space Review: Guri Alfi as Rami Davidi

Well, that’s all I can summarise in my Black Space review without giving away any spoilers. The Netflix show plays with your mind in every episode dropping hints that a particular student might be the one behind the shooting. But in the next episode, the character has some other story to tell. High school life is not always colourful like we see in American rom-com movies, and Ofir Lobel’s series is proof. The students have severe issues which they can’t share with parents and believe that the onus of ‘change’ is on their shoulder.

Guri Alfi gives a solid performance as Rami Davidi in Netflix’s Black Space. He represents the viewers in the story trying to find the motive and people behind the killings. The only disappointment is his personal life story as a cop. It’s done and dusted in almost every crime show. The rest of the long list of the cast also play their parts well. There’s some violence and distressing scenes that might not be easy for some people to watch.

Black Space: Is it worth watching?

The Israeli Netflix series Black Space on school shooting deserves to be seen. When the writers tell us the culprits’ motive behind these shootings, it leaves you disturbed. It’s a riveting story, and not even once it dramatises anything. The story ends on a cliffhanger so we might get season two.

Black Space series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Black Space is riveting and the motive behind the crime is disturbing when you finally get to know it.
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