Netflix’s Best Leftovers Ever Review: Unique but Poor Execution

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Netflix’s Best Leftovers Ever is a cooking show, wherein each episode there will be three contestants and two rounds in which they are required to create new dishes out of leftovers. Based on the contestants’ performance in both the rounds, the three judges will then decide on the winner, who gets to take home 10,000 dollars. 

In the first round, the home chefs are required to transform leftovers in the fridge that belong in a particular theme to another completely different theme, for example from an expensive gourmet dinner to breakfast. 

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In the second round, the contestants are asked to get creative and create a completely different dish from the takeout leftovers. The participants have to randomly pick a bag of takeout leftovers and create a gourmet dish out of it. Apart from the leftovers, a dry pantry and other basic ingredients are provided as well. 

Best Leftovers Ever

I was completely awestruck when I saw the participants get so creative with the leftovers in Best Leftovers Ever. The participants created such mindblowing gourmet dishes that you wouldn’t even know they were made out of leftovers.

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Alongside the host, Jackie Tohn, is David So, restauranter and influencer, and Chef Rosemary Shrager. Unlike other cooking shows, these three were actually kind and even the criticism was delivered in a polite manner in Best Leftovers Ever. Additionally, the audience were also given tips on how to store leftovers and what can be made out of them. 

The idea of the whole show was quite different and unique, asking to create from leftovers and encouraging the audience in taking interest in their leftovers. Although this was a good idea, the execution was poor. 

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Despite each episode of Best Leftovers Ever being only 30 minutes, the show got extremely draggy and monotonous, for there was not much drama. Apart from the end results of the home chefs dishes, the show was not engaging enough. Not gonna lie, but I did watch most of the series in 1.5X speed and I still found it slow. 

The one thing that really got on my nerves was the extremely lame dialogues. The exchanges between the judges as well as the contestant were cringe, making it almost childlike. It overall made the show frivolous, in a negative way. Each episode had different contestants but almost the exact same tasks with similar dialogues, all of which made it monotonous and boring. 

Stream It or Skip It?

Skip it! Unless you’re looking for a quick thirty-minute watch, this series does not add value. Yes, the idea of the show is unique but the poor execution killed it. Maybe one or two episodes maximum, otherwise not really worth watching.  

Best Leftovers Ever is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Best Leftovers Ever is a unique show that requires contestants to create gourmet like dishes from leftovers.


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