Netflix’s Baking Impossible Review: Much More Than Just a Cooking Reality Drama

Okay so, to be honest, I am not a fan of cookery reality shows but believe me when I say this, Netflix’s Baking Impossible is something different. Starting with the first episode, I wondered why the makers chose the title, Baking Impossible and not, Bakineers, i.e. the term used to define each and every participant in the show but right from the first challenge of making an edible floating sailboat to baking at new heights in the sixth episode, every new episode poses a new challenge for the participants making the art of baking nearly impossible with its engineering twists and stress points.

Trailer of Baking Impossible

– Baking Impossible review does not contain spoilers –

What is Baking Impossible about?

Baking Impossible is about the journey of nine teams where each team consists of one engineer and one baker. The duo is given the task of making an edible dessert that survives the stress points of engineering principles. Each team is given 9 hours to complete the task and a list of specifications to be followed and stress points that the food item needs to withstand along with being equally delicious and lip-smacking. Sounds difficult? Well believe us, it truly is. How many times have you witnessed a fashion show where models are posing with something that is sweet and edible?

What makes Netflix’s Baking Impossible a treat to watch is its perfect blend of nerdiness with creativity. 

A team is eliminated at the end of every challenge, and the last pair that remains splits $100,000. And though there is a large cash prize at stake, simply not a plate or a dessert, people who have watched The Great British Baking Show, this show is all set to take you on a ‘how good that show was’ mode with its content and turn of events.

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Noteworthy Team of Bakineers

While talking about the team of bakineers, not mentioning Cindy Ngar and Taylor Tabb wouldn’t be fair. For example, Taylor discusses what they need in a hull, and Cindy suggests something called dead dough: “It’s very strong, it doesn’t have any yeast or anything in it, so it’s very, very stable,” she explains, adding that “I didn’t want to use Rice Krispie treats—Rice Krispie treats are really finicky with water and just moisture in general.”

Hosting Done Right

Baking Impossible
Baking Impossible: Season 1. c. Patrick Wymore/Netflix

After watching the team of passionate bakineers and talented judges, let us give special credit to host, Justin Willman, who also hosted Netflix’s Magic for Humans and, before that, Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and other shows. He’s talented and compliments the show in his own funny and quirky way. Right from passing on humorous comments from time to time to keep the audience intrigued along with being entertained. 

Overall, we would like to say that Baking Impossible should definitely be on your watchlist if you are looking for something different and worthy of your time.

Do not forget to watch the next two episodes of this eight-episode series on 13th October next week.

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Baking Impossible should definitely be on your watchlist if you are looking for something different and worthy of your time.


  1. Lynda, I am Googling around with the same question. Why are they contestants not allowed to change their dirty, sweaty clothes? Why are we pretending this is all one long day when the challenges can be 8 or 13 hours long and the judges get to change their clothes?

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