Netflix’s Bake Squad Review: Sweet, Sweet Desserts

Bake Squad is a cooking reality TV show hosted by Christina Tosi.

Netflix’s description reads:

Expert bakers elevate desserts with next-level ideas and epic execution. Now the battle is on to win over clients in need of very special sweets.

– Bake Squad review does not contain spoilers –

Bake Squad is like Nailed It! If it featured not home bakers. Because, these aren’t home bakers – the bakers featured in the series are Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, Christophe Rull and Gonzo Jimenez. They all have different things that they are great at – they are experts, after all. Then we have supporting baker Christina Tosi, who is also our host.

Bake Squad is about creativity and going big. This isn’t a show you watch and laugh at the absurdity. You gape at and are shocked at the absurdity. All the creations that these talented chefs come up with are awe-inspiring and every moment is great to watch. Of course, I didn’t really find anything very new or unique here, but dessert shows are always great to watch, especially when they look this great.

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Each of the episodes of Bake Squad clocks in at 35 minutes. Within those minutes, you see these four bakers making crazy stuff that you can’t believe are edible. No, but to be real though, these treats look phenomenal. Each and every piece is a work of art. In the first episode, Gonzo Jimenez creates a huge dinosaur egg – it’s phenomenal. I am just sad that I couldn’t taste it.

The artistic side of these bakers is remarkable. Especially because you see them visualising them and creating these desserts from scratch. They are so beautiful, like, ignore the food part of it. Just visually these desserts are phenomenal and the fact that there are people out there who can create something so wonderful gives me hope for a better future.

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Every episode of Bake Squad has a different occasion for which the bakers whip up something amazing and sweet. Like, for the second episode, Ashley Holt creates a cake which is essentially two cats for the happy couple getting married, while Christophe Rull creates a life-sized cake drum set since they are musicians.

However, Bake Squad doesn’t do anything very new. Cooking reality shows don’t ever shock me (except Nailed It! but that’s a different story) with innovative ideas. Don’t get me wrong, the desserts are absolutely beautiful and nothing short of magical. But the show itself is pretty tame. That being said, it’s fun as heck. The music is fun and energetic and the chefs are positive and optimistic and always help each other.

Summing up: Bake Squad

Bake Squad is absolutely beautiful and fun to watch. It’s art and it looks like it would be a hoot to eat. The series made me very hungry and the eight episodes, thus, race on without many hitches. It’s a sweet and positive show without negativity or drama. Definitely a great show to make you hungry and happy!

Bake Squad is streaming on Netflix.

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Netclis' Bake Squad is a sweet show that's deliciously positive!

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