Netflix’s Animal (2021) Review: Captivating and Factual

Animal Netflix is a docuseries that circles around nature. The show is directed and produced by Bill Markham. It displays the lives of some different animals. The series has a total of 4 episodes. Each episode runs for 40-50 minutes.

-Animal review does not contain spoilers-

Every episode in the series has been narrated by a high-profile celebrity. This season of the show is narrated by Bryan Cranston, Rashida Jones, Rebel Wilson, and Pedro Pascal. It takes you on an emotional ride where you will witness how these animals spend their lives, how they catch their prey, how they survive in the wild, how they protect their younger ones and so much more.

The series follows the story of four majestic animals. Each episode of the series will throw light on the life story of a different animal. It displays how each animal goes through its own set of challenges and battles to survive in the wild. It shows how each animal uses its strengths and other amazing abilities to the best.

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The documentary is an experience in itself. It’s so heartwarming and fascinating. There are some beautiful moments in the series that made my heart melt. Along with that, there are some scenes in the series that are hard to watch. It exhibits the ups and downs that come in the life of a wild creature. Each species has a unique personality and so they respond to every situation differently.

The stunning visuals in Animal Netflix are pleasing to the eye. It’s very captivating and amusing. The show is packed with some amazing footage of the animals. Being a nature lover myself, I loved how beautifully the series is shot with the help of the latest science and technology. I was mesmerized by the gorgeous views, pictures, and videos in the show.

The background score of the series is great, it is given by Jasha Klebe. The lovely background music adds so much spice to the drama. The show has been shot in various locations. The show is full of facts about animals. I also learned that how every species also follows its instincts in a strange situation.

This series has been a great learning experience for me. While watching the show I discovered so many new facts about different animals that I didn’t know before. I understood how crucial it is to know not just your strengths, but your weakness as well.
We see how each creature has distinctive abilities and features. It gives you a deep insight into nature and the lives of these wild species. It made me realize what’s my true understanding of nature and its stunning creatures.

Usually when someone says it’s a documentary about nature the one word that comes to my mind is David Attenborough. He has been a part of so many of them. I liked the series it imparted so much knowledge in me regarding the life of charismatic creatures.

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Summing Up: Animal

Overall it’s a good series. The rich cinematography, great storytelling, and lovely background music make the series worth a watch. If you are a nature lover then it’s a must-watch for you. It will leave you with so much wisdom about these magnificent creatures. The series is a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

The series is streaming now on Netflix.

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Animal is a series revolving around nature and its stunning creatures.


  1. I started watching iAnimal and the cinematography is amazing.
    However, the overly dramatic narrative rife with emotion is killing it for me.
    In the future; I will watch it with the volume OFF!

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