Angèle (2021) Review: Alluring & Rustic

Angèle Van Laeken was born in Brussels, Belgium. Her recent work is Annette, where she works as a composer and actress and is known for her eclectic sense of music and natural appeal of songwriting.

Angele review does not contain spoilers

Angèle documentary is a refreshing take on the singer’s life

The documentary also offers a personalized view of Angèle behind the scenes on tour and at rehearsals for the tour of her albums and singles.

The episodic reveal of the documentary dives into her intimate universe through interviews with her parents and brother, images from home videos, and Mamy Pilou, who is the most charming person in awe of her granddaughter’s singing skills.

Angèle (2021) Review: Alluring & Rustic

Angèle documentary shows her singing in a recording studio and writing in her notebook, inviting the audience to look at her tour and discover her daily life. The documentary is a portrait of a woman full of contradictions. It also makes sense that she has chosen to tell her story in this way – as a child, she was very fond of making short films with her friends. In the documentary, Angèle takes us on a journey through her youth and adolescence, from childhood to adulthood.

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Angèle is a deep dive into a singer’s voice and perspective

Angèle tells us how she learned to sing in the mirror with her father in front of her and how she was transfigured by her voice when she discovered that she could sing in front of others too.

In the closing, she explains what her new album is about: “I don’t know if I’m going to have the same path as the albums before, but what I know for sure is that it’s going to be a crazy ride.”


Angèle (2021) Review: Alluring & Rustic

I enjoyed this documentary, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Angèle. It was fascinating to see how hard she worked on her career as an up-and-coming singer and see her growth as a person. It was also cool to see the different sounds she made for this album and learn more about her songwriting process, which is interesting. It was fantastic to see her at the piano working out a new song idea, even if she wasn’t sure how it would end.

Angèle grows from Cluelessness to Realization of her Talent

Angèle is a multi-talented artist who transcends genres. Her songs are a mix of folk, blues and rock, with a touch of reggae and Cajun music. She is a lyricist, guitarist and Singer. She has reached a broad audience, from the underground to mainstream music lovers, without compromising her artistic integrity.

There’s a lot of depth in the footage, and it’s not just a typical making of or behind the scenes documentary. The main theme of the documentary is an exploration of who this woman really is. She openly talks about her struggles with depression, how she wants to keep her family together and how she truly feels about being an LGBT+ role model.

Angèle (2021) Review: Alluring & Rustic

This documentary takes you behind closed doors as Angèle records her new album- Nonante Cinq after almost three years.

Angèle released her debut studio album, Brol, in October 2018. She is known for the singles La Loi de Murphy, Tout oublier featuring Roméo Elvis, Balance ton quoi and Fever with Dua Lipa.

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Stream It or Skip It?

Angèle, the Belgian beauty, reflects on her meteoric rise to fame – from being discovered to performing nightly before thousands of fans. On the new album, Angèle’s voice is as wild and wonderful as ever. Her lyrics are introspective but also decisive.

Angele is streaming on Netflix.

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The documentary dives into Angèle's intimate universe through interviews with her close-knit family.

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Angèle (2021) Review: Alluring & RusticThe documentary dives into Angèle's intimate universe through interviews with her close-knit family.