Netflix’s Alter Ego Review: An Intricate Look At Sexual Abuse

The Nigerian drama written by Jude Martins and directed by Moses Inwang, Alter Ego is finally streaming on Netflix. Produced by Esther Eyibio, the film shows the journey of a lawyer who fights to put sex offenders and child molesters behind bars. The Nollywood drama flaunts a cast that includes Omotola Jalade Ekeinde as our protagonist, Adaora Igwe along with Wale Ojo, Esther Eyibio, Kunle Remi, Emem Inwang and Jide Kosoko. The film has a runtime of about 2 hours with audio and subtitles present only in English.

– Netflix’s Alter Ego review does not contain spoilers –

(Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse, Violence, Emotional Trauma)

Alter Ego: Emotional and Poignant

The story surrounds the life of Adaora Igwe, played by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde who is a lawyer and activist fighting the demons in the real world that take advantage of children sexually. She mostly focuses on defending the underprivileged segment of these victims of abuse who have met with hopelessness and darkness in their lives. Igwe does not try to act God by promising them justice, but instil hope in her clients that life can move on and trying is the first way to it.

However, during the course of the story, we see Adaora use rather unorthodox and inappropriate methods by going to extreme lengths to put the culprits behind the bars. And, sometimes if not prison, then outside the jurisdiction of the law. But, the story is more complicated than it looks because Adaora seems to be hiding the secret of her own abuse and how it is responsible for making her the way she is today.

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Throughout the film, we see Adaora resist and give in to her obsessive sexual demons as she embarks on multiple relationships which give us varying perspectives on sexual abuse and what follows it. Adaora is strong but, she is also vulnerable shedding light on the conflicting emotions surrounding sex and abuse women have and how not talking about these heinous crimes in society openly creates a crack in one’s consciousness. Alter Ego tells a very important story of both a hero and a fallen soldier of the society meddled in one human being and actress Ekeinde strives forward with that in mind.

In fact, all the actors deliver their performance with flair. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is terrific and terrified all the same time giving a double edge to Adaora’s character that is much needed. Meanwhile, Wale Ojo plays Timothy- the philanthropist Adaora gets into a dark relationship with- is a meaningful addition to the screen with his sexy and charismatic aura. What holds back the film, however, is the drag and incredibly long runtime. It is a film that can tell its story with 1 hour 30 minutes but stretches on, only to add a darker and sexier aspect to the film which does not really help.

Alter Ego: Final Verdict

Moses Inwang does not drop a beat when it comes to being real with the story of sexual abuse and emotional trauma. The depth the film provides is phenomenal and painful, all at the same time. It puts its claws into you to look into the eye of the evil and see what it has cursed. Alter Ego is moving, emotional, informative and deserves to be watched and appreciated.

The Nigerian film Alter Ego is now streaming on Netflix.

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