All Hail Review: Guillermo Francella Starrer Tells an Emotional Tale of Self Discovery

Directed by Marcos Carnevale and distributed by Netflix, All Hail aka Granizo is an offbeat and emotional Spanish drama that is streaming now on the OTT platform. The film is written by Nicolas Giacobone and Fernando Balmayor. Starring Guillermo Francella in the central role, the film’s cast includes Peto Menahem, Romina Fernandes, Martin Seefeld, Laura Fernandez, Eugenia Guerty, Viviana Saccone, Horacio Fernandez, Norman Briski and Nicolas Scarpino. The Argentinian comedy has a runtime of two hours with subtitles and audio available both in English as well as Spanish.

– Granizo aka All Hail Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

All Hail: A Storm That Makes, A Storm That Breaks

All Hail revolves around the life of a meteorologist- Miguel Flores. A sensation in the world of weather forecasting, Miguel is never wrong when it comes to weather. Having studied in the discipline for six years and, working in the field for years now, if Miguel guarantees it, it is ought to happen the way he predicted things to go. Drowning in fame and fortune, All Hail opens with us getting introduced to Miguel during a time in his life when he is all set to be produced to star in possibly the nation’s number one Weather Show.

However, the inaugurating weather prediction done by Miguel in the first episode of his show goes completely wrong, turning people from reel to real against him. He fails to predict a destructive hailstorm that puts the entire of Bueno Aires in jeopardy, he is blamed, accused and, yes, “cancelled” in every way possible forcing him to flee to his hometown- Córdoba, where he ends up staying with his daughter in their family home.

Thus, begins the one true journey of Miguel to see his stardom biting him in his back but, also being the sail that is keeping his boat afloat. All Hail walks us through the various incidents and events that take place in Miguel’s life, his meeting with one mysterious Bernados and, his relationship with his daughter.

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The movie has a rather mysterious and spiritual plotline that directs the character arcs and helps our characters make a full circle. The theme of how connecting to the roots and essence of a cause or work is essential and, is what makes you move forward in life. The film also does not shy away from showing the expendable nature of most human beings, who stick by people only when they are benefitted out of it. Cancel culture and the shame that social media and paparazzi bring on a single failure are shockingly highlighted in the movie.

The cast draws its lines well. Actor Guillermo Francella especially is a treat to watch. He is charming and fun and, knows what he is doing and what his character exactly need. The direction too is spot on and, never lingers too long over scenes. If there is one thing that could, of course, be more polished is the script and, even though Bernados’ character is an important addition it seems for Miguel’s self-discovery, the plot could feel more real without Bernados’ eccentricity.

All Hail: Final Verdict

Netflix’s All Hail aka Granizo is emotional and moving with its theme. It touches on various aspects starting from the father-daughter bond to finding one’s soul beyond the wall of fame and more. The film is entertaining too and, even though it is not riddled with very many jokes, the situational comedy provides the sass it needs from time to time.

You can watch All Hail now streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's All Hail takes us on a realization tour of what is real and to be cared for and, what are the things you need to toss out of your window.

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Netflix's All Hail takes us on a realization tour of what is real and to be cared for and, what are the things you need to toss out of your window.All Hail Review: Guillermo Francella Starrer Tells an Emotional Tale of Self Discovery