Netflix’s Alien Xmas Review: A New Bedtime Story With Christmas And Aliens!

Alien Xmas premiered on 20th November 2020 on Netflix. Directed by Stephen Chiodo, the voice cast includes Keythe Farley, Dee Bradley Baker, Kaliayh Rhambo, Michelle Deco, and Barbara Goodson alongside other members.

He may be the smallest of Klepts, but as it turns out, he has the biggest heart 💚 Meet X, a little alien who learns that in a world full of stuff, things aren’t meant to be taken, but given.

All You Need Is An Aliens This Christmas

If Rudolf the red nose Reindeer is on your Christmas list, skip that and sing X the grey-coloured alien had a very shiny heart! It is no surprise that everything released in the past week is Christmas related, mostly because the holiday season is approaching. With everything jingly and fairy lights shining, Netflix has brought to its viewers a new 45-minutes-long animated film called Alien Xmas, with sweet fluffy dogs, aliens, Santa and his elves and warmth!

The story here is simple, X comes to Earth to steal all the beautiful stuff this planet has and is often bullied on his planet by other Klepts (aliens) for his small height. Though he is the sneakiest of all, he is small (bummer). As the mission to Earth is announced, out of everyone, he volunteers in front of the evil alien master Z and is sent to Earth.

AX 2

As he reaches here and time passes, he realizes that there is love and warmth in gifting and giving and not in stealing stuff and turns his mission down. Furthermore, When Klepts attack the Earth, they are filled with warmth and love soon and their colour that had turned to grey because of their greed changes as well. They feel something they never did before – love, sharing and warmth.

Alien Xmas does not feature a never-seen-before story, but the film induces the feeling of togetherness while everyone around the globe misses how the holiday season was before this pandemic. The film has a charm of its own; after all, how many times are Christmas stories told with alien love and compassion? It harbours the idea of the importance of love and how it changes a person for good and also that sharing is caring.

With various moments that’ll make you say aww, mostly because of the small alien and fluffy dogs, the film manages to give you a good 40-minutes. But is it something an adult would love to see this season or anytime? Well, no. The film is best suited for kids as they grow and learn that love, family, and humanity are essential and greed can take away from you all of that in the blink of an eye.

Stream It or Skip It

Alien Xmas

STREAM IT! Alien Xmas, at its heart, is an old-fashioned Christmas special that should delight kids of all ages. The duration of the film i.e., 42 minutes fits perfectly with the screenplay and it is not extended to a point where you just wanna stop watching. The fight scene towards the end is the only thing that could have been extended a little but it’s ok! Maybe, the shorter the better.

Alien Xmas is now streaming on Netflix.

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With Alien Xmas, Netflix is here again with its back-to-back Christmas releases. The film is pure-hearted and intends to give a lesson on love, warmth, and family! Stream it or Skip It? Read Here

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