Netflix’s A World Without Review: The Cult That Comes After The Pandemic

The Indonesian dystopian drama on Netflix titled A World Without explores the lives of women and ideas of women empowerment. The film presents a dark side to the race to success and definitely emits cult-like vibes be it the institution the protagonists go to or the way things are ruled out for each gender. It is directed by Nia Dinata, who also co-wrote the script with director/writer Lucky Kuswandi. This will mark the second Indonesian film jointly produced by the streamer and local production house after romantic comedy A Perfect Fit, which was the streaming giant’s first original Indonesian film.

A World Without stars Amanda Rawles as Salina, Maizura as Ulfah, Asmara Abigail as Tara and Ayushita and Chicco Jerikho as the husband-wife duo Sofia Khan and Ali Khan. The mystery-suspense drama has a runtime of 1 hour 47 minutes and has both English and Indonesian audio as well as subtitles.

– Netflix’s A World Without Review does not contain spoilers –

A World Without: Welcome To ‘The Light’

The film is set in 2030, 10 years after the pandemic which has affected the world gravely. Amidst the rapidly aged world grows ‘The Light’, an educational institute the helps you be the best versions of yourself as well as prepares you for marriage and outlaws the concept of dating. Our three leads- Salina, Tara and Ulfah enter ‘The Light’ in search of finding themselves at a better place in the world.

However, ‘The Light’ is not all that it seems. With propaganda hidden beneath its tall infrastructure and dreamy career and life prospects, ‘The Light’ is on a way to give rise to a darker power in the world. Unknown to the secrets that lie hidden, the girls enthusiastically proceed with their life in the institution until things don’t start clicking in the right place and they are forced to see beyond the glittering life the institute offers.

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The film is thrilling and exciting with twists that we might be able to predict yet never see them coming. This science-fiction thriller embarks us on a journey that helps us understand how the lives of the youth can be manipulated and put on a dark track. However, it also highlights the importance of voicing out opinions and how an individual should be allowed to live his or her life the way they want to. Additionally, it gives us a view of how women are treated in the world. ‘The Light’ is the metaphorical body that holds back and twists the minds of the young people according to their will and privilege.

A World Without: Final Verdict

With a lot of suspense, drama and thrill, A World Without is a quick, dark watch if you are a fan of that genre. The film seems almost similar to Amazon Prime Video’s Nine Perfect Strangers based on the Liane Moriarty book of the same name, with ‘Tranquillum House’ and ‘The Light’ being like institutional siblings. The character of Ali Khan in A World Without is identical to that of Masha from Nine Perfect Strangers. Thus, if you are someone who has liked the Amazon Prime series, you should definitely stream this Indonesian thriller on Netflix.

You can watch A World Without now streaming on Netflix. To discover more about ‘The Light’ and get a more tangible experience about the educational institute, you can visit the website exclusively made for the film by clicking here.

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A World Without takes us through the days in a manipulative cult that isn't all bright and shiny as it would like its students to believe.

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Netflix's A World Without Review: The Cult That Comes After The PandemicA World Without takes us through the days in a manipulative cult that isn't all bright and shiny as it would like its students to believe.