Netflix’s A Trash Truck Christmas Review: Keane’s Ode to Santa Claus

The Trash Truck series follows a boy, Hank, his family and his best friend, an old and dirty yet expressive trash truck. He has other friends like Walter the bear, Donny the raccoon and Miss Mona the motherly mouse.

A Trash Truck Christmas, also known as A Giant Jack Christmas, by Max Keane is his ode to Father Christmas for all those children who still believe that Santa lives in the North Pole.

A Trash Truck Christmas begins with Hank meeting Trash Truck on the morning of Christmas eve and asking him if he knew what was coming the next day. Later, he finds out that neither Trash Truck nor Walter, Donny and Miss Mona knows that the next day was Christmas. So Hank explains what Christmas is all about to his friends. In the excitement of getting presents, Trash Truck and everyone else set up a trash Christmas tree and a sock for each of their presents.

Just before they thought Santa would forget about them, Hank sees a shooting star that crashes nearby and to his wonderment, he finds Santa and his sleigh crash-landed with all presents scattered on the ground. Honestly, the way Santa’s rendezvous with Hank and his friends unfold was a bit too good to be true. Things took a turn for the good when Trash Truck and his friends decided to help Santa in delivering presents to children in the neighbourhood.

The movie ends with Hank and his friends opening presents on Christmas morning.

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A Trash Truck Christmas has an innocent vibe to it that makes even adults think about their childhood, about times even they believed that Santa was real. The progression of the story is gradual and the twists in the story aren’t all that hyped that it would distort the story. It also has a moral for children to keep the spirit of Christmas alive through all kinds of challenges and impediments.

Max Keane has indeed made his movie with a lot of love and warmth which is felt by those who watch the movie.

A Trash Truck Christmas released on December 11 and is currently streaming on Netflix.

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A heartening Christmas story, A Trash Truck Christmas is a story about Hank and his friends learning and upholding the spirit of Christmas.


  1. The raccoon had som really good moments. The voice acting held up so well with the comedy. it was a genuinely sweet and sometimes really funny show

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