Netflix’s A Queen Is Born Review: Unleash Your Inner Diva Drag Queen!

A Queen Is Born (Nasce Uma Rainha) premiered on 11th November 2020 on Netflix. Created by Gustavo Mello and Mari Nunes, the 6-episode-long season 1 is hosted by Drag Queens Gloria Groove and Alexia Twist, who help aspiring Queens to turn into true Drag Queens just like they wish and providing them support and comfort. The series is filled with drama and drag but the hosts, or as they call themselves – Godmothers, are not just fun but aim at bringing the best out of everyone in the most flawlessly and humble way possible!

Oh Dear Beauty!

A Queen Is Born has grabbed attention, praise, and criticism from its viewers for its drag theme which represents the LGBTQ+ community and advocates the idea of being true to oneself no matter how hard society tries to push you in the other direction. The series is embedded with wonderful and fun makeovers, heartfelt and empowering conversations, and immense love and support from the Godmothers who don’t just talk to the aspiring participants but also to their beloveds to accept their friends’ true-inner calling.

The Godmothers evaluate the participants’ skills on a few parameters like dance moves, poses, ability to walk in heels, dressing style, and more. Thereafter, they guide them and channel their skills in the right direction. The six contestants in the first season are Paola Di Verona, Juju Glow, Ramona, Carlao Sensacao, Indra Haretrava, and Adla Davis and they all are different from each other in many ways and it’s beautifully united.

  • A Queen is Born
  • A Queen is Born

The journey from inception to transformation is beautiful. We see them using dolls as protégés for how they’ll like to dress and then finally making it come true with fashion tips and tricks here and there with advice on how to build themselves as Drag Queens and how to carry the persona. We come across people who are close to the contestants and carry orthodox views and question the need to become a Drag Queen and it is here that we realize that no matter how much we progress someone will be left behind. But all’s well that ends well, everyone mostly ends up accepting their friends/beloveds true inner calling (aw!)

 A Queen Is Born is designed to pull some heartstrings and it does that. We see Paola transform into this confident and loveable Drag Queen and it’s nothing less than powerful. Paola says in episode 1 “Paola was born today, with her wholeness, her greatness, and her power, on this stage.” A Queen is Born is the vibe we need this year and always!

Stream It or Skip It

A Queen is Born

STREAM IT! A Queen is Born is worth your time and is a whole mode in itself. Gloria Groove and Alexia Twist as Godmothers/hosts are engaging and flawless. The series was my first step into the huge world of Drag Queens, the show is fun to watch and binge-worthy and the transformations and makeovers are worth living for!

Don’t let anything or anyone suppress what you feel like and what you want to be!

A Queen is Born is now streaming on Netflix.

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A Queen is Born speaks volumes in its small ways- Don't let anything or anyone suppress what you feel like and what you want to be! GLOW UP, QUEEN. Stream It or Skip It? Read Here.

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