Netflix’s A Perfect Fit Review: A Perfect Fit If You Love Rom-Com

Netflix released A Perfect Fit which is the streaming giant’s first original Indonesian film. A romantic comedy, A Perfect Fit is a love story of two people living in Bali. In this modern world, traditions are the roots of different cultures. The movie depicts conflicts between traditions, music, prophecy alongside a brewing romance.

Saski, played by Nadya Arina, is a fashion blogger who is dedicated to her job and her sick parents. She is in a relationship with an abusive and controlling man who is soon to be her husband. On an unfortunate day, Saski, fortunately, meets Rio, played by Refal Hadi. Rio is a hardworking shoemaker who is gifted in his skills. They both meet in Rio’s new shoe shop and Saski becomes his first customer. A romance begins between both of them.

A Perfect Fit continues the story by emphasizing different old traditions in Indonesia. From the way Rio and Saski met, to Saski going through a cleaning and many healing processes, they show it all. It is amazing to see this on-screen as using traditions in a romantic movie set in the present isn’t something we see often.

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A Perfect Fit For Each Other

Rio and Saski start to spend time together and realize that both of them like each other even if they don’t admit it outrightly. Both find similarities amongst themselves, and they are very much apparent to us. They are kind, hardworking and grounded. However, it is a love story, and setbacks are bound to happen in them.

A Perfect Fit Saski

A Perfect Fit shows Saski’s fiance Deni is a rich and powerful brat whose family helps Saski’s mother, who is sick. Due to this, Saski has to marry Deni. Similarly, Rio is forced to marry a woman of his mother’s choice named Tiara. At a party, Rio’s mother hands him a ring and tells him to propose to Tiara. Both of them start to spend time together.

Tiara’s family owns a big business where they need Rio’s help to manufacture shoes. On one particular day, Rio witnesses the cruel ways in which Tiara runs the business. He realizes that he is completely different from her. A Perfect Fit talks about the perfect fit between two people while also showing the perfect fit of a shoe.

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Love vs Culture

As the story of A Perfect Fit moves forward, the problems between Rio and Saski grow. The complications grow deeper with the involvement of families and cultural differences. It is on Rio and Saski to decide whether they follow the culture and obey their parents or go after their love.

A Perfect Fit shows us the combination of culture and love in order to represent the heritage of Indonesia. The director of the film, Hadrah Daeng Ratu, explained how she hopes that this film, which is full of Balinese culture and tradition, can become a love story that touches the hearts of many people around the world.

A Perfect Fit Saski and Rio

From the use of traditional clothing paired with modern clothes, rituals, and beliefs, A Perfect Fit paints a perfect portrayal of the Indonesian cultural heritage. The screenplay is interesting and will keep you in anticipation of what could go wrong. The visuals and colours of A Perfect Fit are pleasing to the eye.

Being Netflix’s first-ever original Indonesian movie, it owns some credits. But just as a romantic comedy movie, the story of A Perfect Fit is a little bland. However, wrapping Balinese beauty around the love story makes it much better. If you absolutely love watching romantic films filled with a few comical scenes, then A Perfect Fit is indeed a perfect fit for you.

You can watch A Perfect Fit on Netflix.

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A Perfect Fit, the first Indonesian Netflix Original mixes love with Balinese culture.


  1. The film “become a love story that touches the hearts of many people around the world”.
    My hear was really touched.
    I like the film and loved Bali and the sweet soundtrack.

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